4bble to ARIS and no world !!!


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Answer: 4balls to ARIS and no world !!!

In Europe, since Melissanidis put the francs on the pocket,

surely to pass to the clubs passed through and coffee café Vini

the same caffeine that got you a little bit more in the clubs of the jurapa

here you have to say something Nicolaki?

you have become more anchored than an anchovy if you have not understood it

listen to this one on your channel and because you were not able to cut it

and if you do not get out of here because you do not stand the counterpart just like in any of these cases tell us and what is the sign 4 has sent a message that does not allow the national team to come to play

if they do not feel right or not, do not mind me, Greeks, then why did this rumor buy the championship in the last two years?
Bulgarian would have cheaper bet

: seeyeah:
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Answer: 4balls to ARIS and no world !!!

I have to say that you have lost the right to chat with me, even for sporting events ....

Think only what I did, what did you do ... and why do not we talk ....

Good evening....

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