GDPR and dulcimer betting companies


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2 Jan 2012
I wonder if the GDPR regulation can protect players from betting companies who are asked to source the money deposited in a stack account when the player does not consent and does not agree to grant this kind of personal and financial information. On the occasion of another post I read that static insists on asking about the origin of the money deposited in ewallet and then the static question is whether the client (player) under the regulation has the right to refuse to deliver personal financial data even the nature of his consensus.

In addition, when such a move is made, with the refusal of the paycheck to pay its customer, if there is an onlibe service to which a complaint may be sent with the necessary correspondence.

If there is a legal practitioner in the forum with knowledge of the limits of application and the validity of the regulation in those cases in which the client accepts the terms of the company which state in a paragraph that the staking at any time after the initial confirmation of the account has the right to request additional identification data from the customer, would have an interest in submitting what might be applicable

The whole thing conceivably refers to a private agreement between individuals (because although one side is a company but behind it is a private owner of it), which no power can have in front of a regulation that applies to all sorts of conferences which are governed by 2 parties (an individual and a company) and which expressly states that there should be a separate reference to the right to demand and use of personal data.

Could such a paragraph in the terms of the companies strengthen their insistence on the production of additional elements of an economic nature?

Is such a paragraph in the terms illegal and can not be included in the terms of betting because the customer has the right to refuse and the bettors do not want to lose customers?

Finally, the stacks asking for this extra data, eventually knowingly misunderstanding them playing the shitters that the customer will not cooperate for his own reasons does not know who to denounce the company for circumventing the regulation and will find the company pretext to eat the money;

What is ultimately true? Is there anyone who knows what power the GDPR can have and if he can rely on a customer for the staggering as an official reason that the customer has the right to deny it and still without warning the customer to file a complaint with the competent authority it represents the regulation for operating violation, and pulls a mechanism of an ear and knores it and stops this money-making process from its staggering;
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