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21 Mar 2003
today the big GRE vs IF final set of odds of 1,83 vs 1.83

Tanacee - Bako
doubleaim - appen
dom1nant - Pun1sher
bananito - namex
raxxo - hungrypanda

subs GRE
Delitto - Top
Paris - Mid

Today the big final I want to believe will be more ambitious but again give it to the GRE

In Top Lane we will have Bako vs Tanacee or Delitto o Bako is a great top laner and I think his style fits better with Tanacee's, so the advantage of GRE is that Delitto has it and depending on the gamestyle that want to play can change his top laner. As we said yesterday, Delitto is a teamplayer and quite good at teamfights compared to the laning phase.

In the Jungle we have Appen vs doubleaim last year Appen was playing with the GREs this year went to IF just like Bako with the Punisher. Quite a good jungler with a limited champions pool his performance in the last game was very good though he didn't start well in today's game he will have to deal with a better double jungler in my opinion yesterday had a very good performance and if he didn't do two three mistakes I would describe his performance excellent

In the mid we have two favorite players RRRRRank 1 Pun1sher vs Dom1nant. For many at this time Pun1sher may be the best mid lane in Greece for me again it's not for the simple reason of knowing he only plays two picks Cassiopeia and Irelia if the GRE banaroun these 2 cars have no pick to make the difference and don't forget it will be playing vs dom1 which for me is a better player and with a bigger champion pool

In the bottom lane namex - hungrypanda vs bananito - raxxo i will write what i wrote and yesterday i think the advantage goes to them if i think the namex is superior to bananito but to khantos of WLG but hungrypanda is a great supp

we should also not forget that Paris is always there if Dom1nant dictates


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