Infobeto Holds Great Competition For The Greek Championship!


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6 Mar 2018

The countdown to the start of the Greek Super League has begun, as the first whistle for this year will be heard tomorrow, Saturday 24 August.

In keeping with ... betting traditions, the INFOBETO organizes a big competition for the Greek Championship, with the winner of each race (and all of the event as a whole) being rewarded with prizes.

Purpose of the game
The purpose of the game is to collect the most points and win prizes.
-The winners will win a sponsorship prize At the end of each race the competitors will be automatically graded according to some rules (see here).

What do I need to do to participate?
-The participants should do simple registration on the site to have a username with which to participate in the contest. Sign up here.

Super League competition gifts
Winner of each competition: 20 €
Overall winner of the Super League overall: 100 €

The prizes will be delivered after the end of each stage of the competition after the first week of contact with the winners in the email you indicated during your registration).

Where does the competition take place?
The competition will be held on its homepage If you have done registration on the site, go to the left vertical task bar and you will find the section COMPETITIONS-SUPERLEAGUE-SL COUPON.
-The contestants fill in the table with the exact final result before the start of each race
-There is no minimum set of predictions that one has to complete to be considered valid at the end of the competition.
-If a match is postponed or interrupted (for any reason and at any point during its duration), the result will be calculated by the organizer.

How do I earn points?
The points are extra points and apply to the final result of each race in regular time.
+ 2 points for each successful prediction with an exact result
+ 3 points for every successful tie forecast
+ 2 points for each successful winner prediction
+ 1 point for every successful home goal goal prediction
+ 1 point for every successful goal score of the score

What are the rules and criteria for equality?
Check out the link below for full membership terms and how you can join and win rich prizes!


Good luck and good fun!

PS Infobeto is still organizing 2 new big Champions League & Europa League competitions, which will be ready as the clubs start.

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  • okonski:
    Verona didn't keep it!
  • okonski:
    Am Star who wins 2-0 at 7 '?
  • GRaptakis:
    Good quality match in Athletic with Thelta very good.
  • GRaptakis:
    ... but the first player of the race so far is the Thelta Ruben goalkeeper ... in 3 stages he played socks, underwear and vests together
  • BetLaden:
    Haha : ROFLMAO:
  • BetLaden:
    If you find yourself doing good for our live cast
  • okonski:
    Good afternoon, good evening
  • GRaptakis:
    Zaragoza has universal superiority but no goals yet. The Bear that last year made her 0-2. Logically the 1-0 is owned by Zaragoza. Live here will make sense to wait after 80 'and play a little ace. Usually the horror in Segunda is after 85
  • Balaton:
    The Fener 21 minute match and the 2,5 overtime on 1,03, not even Barcelona!
  • BetLaden:
    Haha ... seriously ???
  • BetLaden:
    So wait for the Spanish ...(Y)
  • Balaton:
    But he has no 1,03 in the 21 mercy, that is to say, such a goal-scoring performance this time only in a banner and a bar when they play inside
  • Ertzan:
    the ball is on the bottom smells the goal for it
  • Ertzan:
    I'm just leaving for ouzo. But I'll be stand by
    Balaton said:
    The Fener 21 minute match and the 2,5 overtime on 1,03, not even Barcelona!
    But with the score on 1-1 ...
  • GRaptakis:
    Ruben in Thelta has caught the wings of the passing birds
  • GRaptakis:
    But he still hasn't caught his appetite ... but it's been a while
  • GRaptakis:
    I hear on the radio that Messi is not in the eleven
  • GRaptakis:
    the match is on 10
  • BetLaden:
    PANATHA said:
    But with the score on 1-1 ...
    haha ... well you didn't see that it was already 1-1
  • Balaton:
    So, because I have a question, is it giving 1000 a maximum bet on Barca's win now losing 2-0?
  • Balaton:
  • game:
    Max bet
  • Balaton:
    Balaton: gods