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14 Jan 2011

Belize's Biggest Island, Abrams Kay, a popular destination for scuba divers, is at the top of 10's world's best island list in a survey of travelers published today.

The Caribbean Western Caribbean, which has the second largest coral reef in the world after Australia's Great Barrier Riff, "defeated" another Caribbean destination, St. John in the US Virgin Islands, and was at the top of the list drawn up by the Caribbean TripAdvisor Club.

The third place has secured the Bora-Bora Island of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by a lagoon and a reef and is popular for its bungalow-based hotels overlooking the sea.

"Amperghi Kai has hundreds of impressive caves of limestone, flowing waterfalls, and tropical forests," said Emma So, a spokeswoman for the company.

The TripAdvisor list of the best islands in the world was based on millions of reviews and scores from international tourists on its travel website last year.

The top European listed island is Santorini, with its beaches of black volcanic sand, its white-painted whitewashed houses and its stunning views of the sea and the volcano.

Santorini is also the first in a separate list of the best European islands of 10 where other Greek islands, such as Kefalonia, Naxos and Zakynthos, occupied important locations.

Below are the TripAdvisor lists with the top islands:

In the world

1. Ampergis Kai-Belize

2. St. John-American Virgin Islands-Caribbean

3. Bora Bora - French Polynesia

4. Island of San Juan-United States

5. Santorini - Greece

6. Ila Mujeres-Mexico

7. Moorea - French Polynesia

8. Koh Tao-Thailand

9. Easter Island-Chile Island

10. Nozi Be-Madagascar

In Europe

1. Santorini - Greece

2. Kefalonia - Greece

3. Capri Island - Italy

4. Naxos-Greece

5 Meinland, Orkney Islands-Scotland

6. Island of Gozo-Malta

7. Zakynthos-Greece

8. Jersey, Queen Alaska-UK

9. Ail of Scotland-Scotland

10. Fuerteventura-Canary Islands

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