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Good evening.... If we assume that someone, in some way, has access to the bf, Would it help anything???...you can bet there??? ...thank you Stavros. Betover
Good evening guys, I have a problem with bwin, I have made a withdrawal request and they have delayed me too much under the pretext that they have a technical issue with bank transactions. As many times as I have spoken to me, they answer vaguely that they will be credited as soon as possible without knowing if this is the case. What to do? My money is on hold
Very fraudulent companies, because I won 200 euros in poker, they closed my history and I lost, they told me to play and it will pay off, scammers don't pay, I was also pressured by the time for the bonus, of course I would have played the next day! We talk a lot.
2 of my friends were first paid and then limited but they were playing without tricks..
Hello, they deactivated my account and ate 1200 euros. Can someone please help me?
Why don't we all get together to get a lawyer to serve us without paying a lot, you will tell me that behind the betting shops the biggest scam is the EEEP! THAT'S WHY THE BETTERMEN DO WHAT THEY LIKE! I've been saying this for years about the EEEP, and pokerstars is the king of fraud.
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