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Novibet refuses to pay me because two different people came in from the same device !!! Is anyone who took refuge in Ibas and found his right?
exactly the same with me dude .. They asked me for a prepaid card and ID next to the person, I sent them and for 3 days now they do not even let me in
Good evening Betman

please do not put external links because they are banned as google punishes us.

If you want, copy what you want and swamp as I made the topics you opened and they do not have external links.

Thanks and good luck
Good evening my friend is there any news from the tziros? I do not want to tire you but I would like to know what is happening, and some time ago it was closed again and then opened.
Good Evening. We have not found anything we are in contact with Betfair when I have new ones I will let you know
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