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Good evening ... sorry for the inconvenience but I wanted to ask you something out of the bet ...... if you find some time answer me ... Stavros Mavridis
I mentioned it at ... for the purpose of updating it ... I understand how many people are looking for it for betfair kai pinacle ... and I thought the topic was interesting. I never wanted to do anything in advertising either ... I know the site has some great players and I thought it would be an interesting conversation ... that was all
Good afternoon, sorry for the irrelevant question you were with this username in artofsharing?
good time and good year. I try to send you pm, but you have gathered so many pm and my forehead is a message that you can no longer receive messages, haha.

what do we know about unibet?

I succeeded randomly. he is licensed in Greece; seems to accept Greek players, but only once I did. I thought it did not exist in Greece.

I have not seen her either on any betting site or on the list of legitimate betting sites you can find on the betting site.

you as a more experienced person will know it. I have the right to play in a creature; is easy to score in value bettors?

I see it has good odds in some matches that interest me

I was playing for unIbet for years before and after the 'legitimate' story and was very reliable on payments. 2 was working on the money. I stopped playing for about a year because I did not accept my method of payment anymore. I say my truth is missing.
Studio Kristo is the best professional photography company in Santorini and all over Greece. He also plans marriage proposals and rent gowns.
Spy good news, we have discussed in the past and I would like your knowledge - your opinion about some things with regard to the betting market at this time. Generally, I had an income (not that terrible but stable) playing in some companies! Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse! I can not play Unibet in Greece for years and nowhere else in 888sport, which has recently eliminated the Greek market! Is there a chance to play again either through a clone (which I think does not play) or through an agent or we forgot them completely? It is also a terrible thing to change the platform of sportingbet and replace it with bwin! For the convenience of the players, it sounds as if the players did not play at bwin ... Is there a chance to get back to this platform or do we forget it completely? Is there any company that deserves to deal with or the bet has been started?
Good evening ! I have found from some of you that you have experience and knowledge of how betting players are handled. I have a betting account and I play 3 1 / 2 betting months with 50 total X deposits and 0,1 euro bets. I would like to ask you the following:

1. Which systems do you suggest, which betting selections and what leagues for the summer?

2. Which other company is worth opening an account for?

3. Do you know about sites that give information about lesser leagues, eg Japan, Malaysia, Singapore?

4. Which regular systems do you follow and are you winning?

5. It makes me feel that some OPAP winners come out each week with how many of 50, 100, 200.000, many of whom are betting with a few euros. You think they are just lucky, informed about the outcome before they bet or are informed by statistics.
Thanks in advance !

For Bets, bets are void. For Angelopoulos they play normally (if it is not decided that the game was set) because the odds were opened after Angelopoulos was already in the Famous.
Katarxas eyxaristw gia thn apanthsh.Anaferthika with the essence of the prwths opsews fainetai oti to psaxneis:)

This is the first day of the week when it comes to the fanciful appearances.

If you want me to chat with my friends, my episode will be the log of the 2.18 cannon, which will take you to a bigger one.

Diavasa leptomerws ton 2.18 o opoios einai ares mares koukounares! Esy hsoun pio katatopistikos kai eyxaristw giafto.

Kati allo twra.An that the katharo klepsimo tone of canonism survivor to dystyxws and kai those psaxnw synithws, ayth tha fora amelhsa eksarxis na dw kanones, mhpws tha mporouses na mou peis apthn stigmh oti o ospalaras allakse omada ara awnrwnontai ta stoixhmata , to which is the point of view of the giwrgo aggelopoulo, which refers to the archetype of the archetype of the mast?:)
No friend, be fine. I think he wrote it on the wagering conditions to the bethemy for the victor survivor that in case of voluntary retirement he is considered lost. But I'm cautious because I can not see it anymore. I would suggest that you ask the company or any company that you have played what is playing with the terms.
1000 eyxaristw file mou gia thn apanthsh sto thema survivor.

One day, I think that the mopples of my aithologists and the emperors, who are behind the alliances of this theorist, are skeptical of the apogee and the stigma of the apocalypse, which is the thirteenth century?

Eyxaristw ksana
Hello, I'm following the third castel, because I can not keep going and look at them when you go out to make a group in the bobber and to inform each other?

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  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    Thanks. I'll try them
  • admin admin:
  • game game:
  • game game:
    Yeah it's all of a sudden ... comes out 2 tap talk and chrome options that didn't work as well ok
  • admin admin:
    Goodmorning guys. Yes I did. We'll have to wait for an update from tapatalk. We can't do something on our own.
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    And now what; With tapatalk force to get into the forum? Logically after deleting it completely I shouldn't just be accessing the browser? Is it a virus?
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    Good morning, I do the same for myself, but I still use tapatalk when I'm out of mobile.
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    Good morning, I notice it's a general problem yesterday ... And I can't go ahead and stick to the Tapatalk or Browser option
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    I think I made it ... it didn't stick to me here for a while ...
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    It's not yesterday. It's been a few days to me and it's still going on
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    He didn't make it in the end ...
  • P Pro:
    And my own problem ... I never had the tapatalk
  • Ertzan Forum Bot:
    User Ertzan started a new theme called "IFC # 16: Cup: 13 Racing 23-24 / 11 / 2019" in the IFC Competition.
  • nectar nectar:
    Kids the only solution for now is to get the tapatalk out. Do you use it? New forum Not so good tapatalk support. Otherwise we will have to wait for an update ...
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    I personally use tapatalk for the forum as well and have no issue with ios
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    Nectar I have finally removed the tapatalk and again the same. And a friend earlier said he hadn't even put a tapatalk on. That is to say, mobile forces you to only tapatalk into the forum
  • admin admin:
    Good morning John. Yes I know it. I have sent a support ticket and am waiting for a reply.
  • admin admin:
    Currently tapatalk has been deactivated until a solution is found. But it probably won't be found as they blackmail with a subscription. We recommend that you use the browser and enable push notifications.
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    So everything was done deliberately by the tapatalk ...
  • G GATHS:
    Personally when I didn't install taptalk and I have the issue on android.
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    Now it works fine but because most members I imagine use tapatalk if you add it again i will use it too .. no problem.I just said the problem to know
  • admin admin:
    guys you can put fearless tapatalk on other forums. This has nothing to do with our forum. Our forum now doesn't go through tapatalk whether you have it or not.
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    And what are we doing now?
  • admin admin:
    We hope to find Ertzan solution soon
    admin admin: We hope to find Ertzan solution soon