France - Germany: They cross their ... swords

France - Germany: They cross their ... swords

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In the most probable scenario, shortly before the Portuguese have prevailed over Hungary, they will enter the cheetah since the loser will be in a difficult position. The big derby of the first match as they are two superpowers of world football.

The match takes place at the "Allianz Arena" in Munich. There will be 14.500 spectators on the stands.

What applies: The top two and the top four thirds of the six groups advance. The first criterion in the tie are the games between them.


Match referee


Carlos Del Cerro Grande (Spaniard): This year he has whistled a total of 39 games and has the following statistics: Average 4.51 yellow cards, 9 red cards and 18 penalties. He has whistled in the Ch L and Europa League.


Potential Eleven


France (4-3-1-2): Loris - Pavar, Hernandez, Kimbebe, Varane - Cande, Rabio, Pogba - Griezmann - Ebape, Benzema

Germany (3-4-3): Neuer - Hummels, Zille, Ginder - Kimich, Gossens, Gudokan, Kroos - Gnabri, Haverts, Miller


Betting predictions for the France - Germany match: With caution


Logic says that they will enter very carefully. France with the addition of Benzema offensively has tremendous power but defensively does not inspire as 3 years ago when it won the World Cup. Germany in the last tournament of Lev may not imagine that it will go far, but if it finally fights with the much-discussed 3-4-3 without a forward, it can close the spaces in Ebape since it knows that the French are not caught against it. The tie that will not spoil them is not such a distant scenario and we find it in the remarkable 3.28 of 


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Tribute and long-term proposals of the 6th group.

Competition for the Pan-European Football Championship of National teams. (CLICK HERE)





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27 Jul 2021
Shortly after the draw of the championship, the 1st match and all the derbies of the first round are already available with hundreds of betting options!   The Super League draw ... Read more

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