For British rematch, South!

For British rematch, South!

from / BETTING ADVICE / Saturday 20 April 2019 21: 16

H Tottenham looked at Manchester Shit, defended London's 1-0, and despite defeat to Edinhd (4-3), he played a huge qualification in the semifinals of the Champions League.

The feast may not have stopped in the "fallen" ranks, but they are invited to visit Manchester again for the championship in a very critical match.
On the one hand, Guardiola's team wants to stay on top (in fact to return as he has a lesser game against Liverpool) and on the other side, Pottsino's team feels "Arsenal, Chelsea and United" the Champions League next season.

Who will open the score in City - Tottenham Hotspur? Dagger Anguer or City Executioner, Shun? travels you to Manchester with a super offer. Anguero and Shon score first with enhanced odds *.

Clearly, the psychic of Guardiola's players is in tartar after another failure in the long-term goal of winning the Champions League, but today we think they are able to put things in place and take a mini-revenge from the opponent their.

Although today Tottenham manage to cut her points, then we will be talking about a huge failure for the club.

1.27 on the ace is for ... crying, we do not say it, it showed history. Under no circumstances are the differences between the two teams and although we see a home win, it does not say that we will be betting on the ace. Besides, we do not play PROPO, but bet.

Bet on Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur

Just a few days earlier, we saw the 7 finish with a total finish, we do not think it will change so much in a few days and we will bet on over3.5 at 2.00 at

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
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