For the colpo grosso, Italy, with the instinct of survival in Podgorica, Finland

For the colpo grosso, Italy, with the instinct of survival in Podgorica, Finland

from / PRESS RELEASES / Monday, September 26 2022 12: 14

Stoiximan's odds


Who would have thought it, but Hungary and Italy are vying for the top spot in Group 3 of the first division of Nations League in the last turn of the group... Magyars' presence in the tournament was amazing, they defeated England twice and took four points against Germany, even winning 1-0 in Leipzig! They occupy the top spot with 10 points, a 3W-1W-1H record and an 8-3 goals against. Their only defeat in the group is against Italy, in the first round match in Cesena.


Italy suffered their first defeat in the group, in the 2-5 matchday 4 defeat by Germany. And it looked enough to knock her out of contention for the top for good. However, as things turned out - and largely unexpectedly - 'Squadra Azzurra' has the opportunity to make the colpo grosso in the final and grab the ticket for the playoffs of the competition! And for him to succeed there is only one way, to get the three points in Budapest.


If not all, then most certainly believed that Hungary would deflate somewhere. Not only did that not happen, but Marco Rossi's team continued to have one... funeral after another. She has tremendous momentum, her psychology is high, she plays with confidence and executes her shot on the grass to perfection. She is excellent in reaction and one-touch play behind the ball, ruthless on the counter and an excellent defender.


Italy is in transition, trying to renew and Roberto Mancini trusts the new blood. It takes time, but the talent is abundant and its momentum is maintained at a very high level. Italy is the favorite, but Hungary has reached this point and will fight until it goes. The combination bet X half time & over 4,5 corners for Italy in the match at odds of 3.70 on Stoiximan's Bet Builder.


An important game in Podgorica as well, in the final of Group 3 in the second category of the competition. Montenegro tried hard for the step up, had a good presence in the group, but was defeated in the promotion "final" by Bosnia and left with the impressions. With seven points and a record of 2W-1D-2H with a goal of 6-4, he arrives at the final match of the competition essentially indifferent as no result can change his status in the group.


Finland had a chance to get out of the way with the stay case but threw it away. He drew 1-1 at home with Romania and is now in danger. She kept the 3rd place with five points, she is +1 behind trailing Romania but she can only feel confident in the scenario of her own victory in Podgorica. In a different result, he will wait for the... screen from Bosnia in order not to be relegated to the 3rd division.


Montenegro is a tough team, they fight on the field and know how to compete against opponents of a similar range. Apart from 3-4 players, it does not stand out for its quality and is based on the work of the whole. Finland is more experienced in such matches, tough, with an emphasis on the physical game and strengthening the axis in a 5-3-2 arrangement. He finds the solutions in goal, but is characterized by defensive instability.


Like it or not, Montenegro is carrying a relative disappointment and lacks motivation, unlike Finland who are playing on their eve. The opponent's characteristics suit the visitors, who are capable of getting what they want in the match. The combined bet 2 & under 4,5 goals at 2.95 by Stoiximan.


* Odds may be subject to change.


Finale with smiles for Greece, 'blood and sand' in Portugal - Spain


In "Georgios Kamaras" and in the match against Northern Ireland, Greece completes its obligations in Group 2 of the third division of the Nations League. First place in the group and promotion to the second division was mathematically assured from the fourth matchday of the group, so the defeat by Cyprus in Larnaca had no impact on the points. However, Poget did not like the picture, despite the fact that Greece had several chances to equalize until the final. At the same time, this defeat deprived Greece of the possibility to rise in the FIFA ranking.


Northern Ireland arrive at the Rizoupoli match on the back of their first win in the group, this one against Kosovo with a score of 2-1. It is in 3rd place, equal with Cyprus and for the time being maintains the lead thanks to goal average. In the last game, they want the same or a better result than Cyprus in order to avoid relegation to the fourth category.


The overall image of Greece in the organization leaves promises for the future. Poget has put competitive principles into her game, the defensive function is excellent with the exception of the recent match in Larnaca and the attacking line is definitely improved compared to the recent past. Certainly, however, the representative match group still needs a lot of work.


A classic British team, Northern Ireland rely on power and runs. Shows skill with the ball in the air, but not when it's on the grass. The motivation is on the side of the guests, but Greece is superior and data will look for a reaction. The combined bet 1 & under 9,5 corners in the match at odds of 3.20 on Stoiximan's Bet Builder.


The final of Group 2 in the first division of the Nations League is expected to be shocking, with the Iberian derby deciding the first place in the group. Spain is an ideal loser, they lost 1-2 to Switzerland in Zaragoza and their first defeat in the competition seems capable of depriving them of the top spot. She again paid for the absence of a classic goaltender from her roster, a problem that has plagued her in recent years. He keeps the ball, creates consistently, plays extremely quickly in small spaces, but as easily as he creates chances, he hardly executes them effectively.


Portugal - which in turn suffered its first defeat also against Switzerland in the 4th matchday - gladly accepted the gift of 'furia roja' and with an aerial pass from Prague to 4-0 over the Czech Republic, they reached the top. And now she is the one who has the clear lead for qualifying for the playoffs of the competition. With 10 points they are at +2 from Spain, they have the best attack (11) but also the top defense (2) of the group. Full of first-line solutions, its roster gives Fernando Santos the freedom to change formations and tactics depending on the needs of the game.


Spain has nothing else to chase but victory. The clear goal can help her to be more focused on the grass, since she does not lack quality in any way. Portugal is first and with a draw, if they go to management they might step on it, but data will find the spaces they want to threaten. It will be a battle, the result is expected to be decided in the details and the suspense can last until the finale. The combination bet X & Goal/Goal at odds of 4.30 at Stoiximan.


* Odds may be subject to change.

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