I. Basaksehir - Olympiacos: With the aim of doubling the stake

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Sweet taste left PAOK yesterday's 2-2 against Ajax, as the race progressed had a great chance of winning, if it was a little more careful in the rebounds and did not fall into individual errors.

Even so, qualification remains open to the Doubles of the North, but it has clearly made its work much more difficult now.

Wednesday today, Olympic Day, which has a very difficult hurdle to overcome. Basaksehir is not just a team in Turkey, it has been the champions of the last three years and reached the spring (it was the first in a long time), but did not drink water.

However, it is no small task to compete with the level and experience teams of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas.

An indication of the level that the Turks have risen in recent years is that they have players such as Robinio, Wisca, Inler, Klissi, Elia, Deba Ba on the roster. Almost everyone with a rich career and performances from major European leagues.

In preparation, as the Turkish championship begins on August 18 participated in 5 friendly (1-2-2), where the last one came to draw 0-0 with AEK.

The good thing about Olympiacos, in addition to being better prepared, considering that he has competed in 2 official matches, is that his opponent has changed to a summer coach. Abdullah Abchi, the man with whom 3 came very close to the title, the one who created this group, is a thing of the past. He redeemed his amazing work, taking over Besiktas.

Olympiacos dominated with 4-0 at home to Victoria Plzen and advanced to the next round (0-0 in the first half). A very positive fact that he kept zero in his fireplace in two races, while there is satisfaction for his executive ability in the second part of the fight at “Karaiskakis”.

Bet on I. Basaksehir - Olympiacos

In his first game in the Czech Republic, Olympiacos was set up to score a goal in the offensive, but his main concern was to qualify for Athens. Now that the barrier has grown enough, we believe how to deploy more focused on his defensive duties. The Turks, on the other hand, have quality, but they lack the racing readiness. All this leads us to Half time 2.00 draw at Interwetten.


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