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Israel Ironi Kuseife - FC Dimona

Thursday, 20 January 2022 18: 54


Desert derby with political and social implications, as it is fresh episodes between government forces and Bedouins in the area, on the occasion of a green planting operation which was eventually canceled due to the reactions. "The forest is a pretext with the ultimate goal of displacing us from our land," say the reactionaries.

But let's start from the beginning. The Negev Desert from ancient times "hosted" nomadic tribes that were engaged in animal husbandry. They were known by the general name "Bedouins" from Arabic badawī  which means “inhabitant of the desert. A typical Bedouin family (Tent) consisted of three or four adults (androgynous and parents or siblings) and an unspecified (!) Number of children. They followed a semi-nomadic way of life, migrating throughout the year depending on water and agricultural resources. Camels were traditionally bred in the Royal breeds, while goats and sheep were bred in the other breeds. As for their relationship with the world around them, their basic premise says it all: "Me against my brother, me with my brother against my cousin, all three together against everyone"!

After the first Arab-Israeli war, the desert was nationalized by the government and declared a military zone, as it served Israel's settlement and military plans. Initially he tried to push the Bedouins to neighboring countries (Syria Jordan) and he succeeded to a large extent, while later and until today, he tries to "cant" them in a "civilized" urban environment. There are about 200.000 Bedouins in the country today, with half living in seven cities built especially for them, while the other half are still scattered in "illegal" settlements without basic goods, ie light, water, telephone, schools, roads, etc. . «Come to the organized settlements to provide you with everything. "Times have changed and you can not be stuck in primitive lifestyles," says the Government, while on the other hand they insist on… no integration!

However, even in the "integrated" populations the traditions are preserved through folklore events that include music festivals, living campsites and many other actions often-densely organized in the desert.

Here he explains them nicely the American" like the Polish traveler Eva Zubek 

One of the seven Bedouin cities is Kusif where, among other occupations, they developed football, with Ironi Kusif rising to the DG category last year. In fact, in the last match enough people had gathered from all the surrounding areas to celebrate the event!      

However, in addition to the seven settlements it built for the Bedouins, the State also built some fifty settlements for the Jewish immigrants. One of them is Dimona, which was inhabited by Jews from Africa and India, hence the side name "Little India". their child "the big one Yoshi Benayoun!


So a big derby between Ironi Kouseife who started the season with -9 points due to an old "sin", but slowly but surely has managed to be close to the lifeline. In fact, if it were not for the penalty, it would be almost equal to Dimona, who is in the middle of the standings without any immediate danger but also without having special prospects for the promotion playoffs. The results in Coussefe (4-0-4) are not what we usually see in a desert home, and Dimona plays in the same conditions anyway, but I have the feeling that this is a crucial match for them. Bedouins and will give their souls to get it. Bet at 2.67 on Stoiximan which does not require a deposit!



Event: Ironi Kuseife - FC Dimona
Sport: result
Category: Israel Alef South League
Date: Friday, 21 January 2022 12: 00
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Odds: 2.67
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