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World 2018 Conquer Argentina + Midfielder 1Scorer

Posted Tuesday, 12 June 2018 16: 21
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Entering last year's World Cup bets, the first personal selection was about the potential finalists, the two teams that I think will claim the trophy at the 15 Grand Final in July. These are Brazil and Argentina, in the belief that we will finally see this huge final at the highest level and, as I have explained, it is partly a bit of a "wishful thinking" being a supporter of Argentina.

In other words, maybe in me, I'm talking more about the staff than I do, especially as in the case of Argentina, things are not exactly rosy if we consider the difficulty with which it was involved, but also the ongoing mishaps of the last month from injuries of precious its units. I remember first losing the base of the goalkeeper (Romero) and only a few days ago knocked out and Manuel Lansini, which was replaced by Edzio Perez. Whether all of this is bad owls or what we say "every obstacle for good" is something that will be seen on the field in just a few days.

In the past few days, therefore, I referred to potential group scorers, making the corresponding bets. Today, we take it one step further, looking for the possible first scorer of the event as a whole, a case in which I personally ended up ... agree with the betting companies, choosing Lionel Messi.

Finding one to find a possible first scorer in such a big event, some of the key criteria are the season that the player has made, his role in the team, how easy the group has, even if he performs the "set-up". There are clearly other parameters. However, the above I think is one of the most basic and in my own eyes, Lionel Messi has it all.

Neither the group will be frightened (none of Argentina's three opponents have the defense-granite), nor is there any doubt as to who will perform that "set" is in or out of a large area. We also all know that most of Argentina's efforts will start from its own feet and will largely end on its own feet. The question, then, is how far do you think Argentina will come to trust the Barcelona Ace as the first scorer because - do not be cheated - that's what it takes to get it out of hand.

My reasoning is simple: once I think Argentina will reach the final (as well as the final Brazil-Argentina bet) once I believe Messi will eventually pick up the only big mug missing in his ... collection which we see in the photo above, one for me complements the other. My bet, therefore, will go together, with Argentina conquest and first goal scorer Messi, something which goalbet offers to 26,00.

Clearly, this is a significant risk in terms of looking for "two in one", however, as I said above, I think that this is a chain reaction for the World to Argentina and NOT to be the first scorer, Messi seems to me difficult to unlikely scenario. Can you tell me now "well, and Argentina can not get it but the top scorer in the event is someone other than another team"? The answer, of course, and you may want to go one step further, the two most soccer players I count on are Gregman of France and England's Harry Kain. And the second one may surprise some who mention him but I personally can not not put him in the debate after the terrifying year he made with Tottenham, damaging the rival nets (the top scorer in Europe, the first scorer in the Premiership) and making a record, like the six Premier League hat-tricks, something unprecedented so far.

Everything accepts but obviously does not happen and play-bet everything, so I made the final decision you see above and with it I will walk ...

Event: Conquer Argentina + Midfielder 1Scorer
Sport: Soccer
Competition: World 2018
Date: Sunday, July 15 2018 18: 00
Tip: Win Outright
Units: 1/10
Odds: 26.00
Result: LOST
Profit: -1 (Lost)
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