Sunday with Copa Africa!

Sunday with Copa Africa!

from / BETTING ADVICE / Sunday, July 14 2019 12: 16

Tonight the two semi-finals are held for Copa Africa and as it is natural, most of the friends' lights on football, as well as the bet, are turned on.

Senegal - Tunisia: Thin balances and a bet on the favorite

-Senegal: Without presenting yet another good game, Ally Cisse's team managed to dominate 1-0 in Benin and was in the semifinals for 5 in its history, while only one of them qualified to the final (2002) but conquering the trophy. There are problems in the racing track, as Niang and Dian are dubious when Shar and N'Day are overcoming their own problems and are expected to fight normally. One thing that is interesting is that in the tonight semifinal, Senegalese players will face their former coach and Tunisian technician, Alein Ziras.

-Tunisia: Winning her first win in the tournament (3-0 in Madagascar), Allen Zirre's team qualified for the semifinals after the far-away 2004. There are no racing issues for the current nodal game in which Tunisia is expected to once again rely on the 'tight' tactics that have been successful so far.

Proposal: Reasonably go to closed match which is likely to be judged on the goal, since we have to do with two teams very good defensive lines. We appreciate that the favorite on paper, Σενεγάλη, mainly because of it personal talent which has been a click closer to getting the qualifying for the final. So we will go with him ace, which we find on 2,00 units in interwetten.

Algeria - Nigeria: Quality ahead and goal betting

-Algeria: Winning in the penalty shoot-out (1-1 regular time) Côte d'Ivoire, Dzamel Belmady's team arrived at the semifinals. Algerino have the best attack on the 10 5 XNUMX XNUMX games, and have just received one, this in the quarter-finals. Important is the absence of the bat, Atal, while the average Foguli is doubtful. An important factor that may affect the match this afternoon is the fatigue that Algeria might be pulling out of, when coach Belmanti over the past few days followed a conservative training program for his players.

-Nigeria: With '' buzzer-beater '' Troost Eong to 89 'the' eagles' dominated South Africa in the quarterfinals. Guernot Por's team's racing image in another match did not change, as the Nigerians were aggressive, but defensive. Mussa, Igalos and Abasimem, both in the team's run so far, were facing minor injuries but are expected to play normally.

Proposal: Based on quality from the waist to the front and racing style of the two opponents, we think they are extremely likely to find it both from one end in the match. So its choice GG in performance 2,15 in winmasters automatically goes into the foreground.




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