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Lazio - Bologna: Everyone is left (X) Excellent!

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Η Lazio was the big winner in the final of the Italian Cup against Atalanta (2-0) and raised the trophy high up in the sky of Rome, securing a place in the Euro Cup of the following season.

The Latsials preceded Milinkovic-Savic's goal at 82 ', while Korea made the final 2-0 at 90'. Difficult predominance, with the Inchaki team having the chance to take part. Also, it should be noted that it had a big advantage, as the final took place on her .. baseball.

On the other hand, the Bologna after yesterday's results it takes just one point to secure its salvation from today and wants to take advantage of the climate .. a celebration that will prevail in "Olivio".

Will Bologna manage to ... spoil Latsiali's party or will the home team win another home win?

Pamestoixima.gr is playing with Lausanne and offers you an aggressive first goal scorer at enhanced odds *!

In the event that Bologna fails to get a positive result, it will become involved in demo scenarios, with triple or even quadruple ties, most of which are lagging behind. Of course, all of this requires a victory for Eboli in Milan, with Inter ... burning for the Champions League.

Special Info: It is worth mentioning that the Bologna coach, Sínisa Mihajlovic, was a player of Lazio in the past (1998-2004) and quite dear to her audience. Also, the two technicians, Simone Ungaji and Sinska Mihajlovic, were teammates in Lazio for 5 years (1999-2004).

Predictions for Lazio-Bologna

Lazio is indifferent, as her goal was to go to the Euro Cup and reach through the Cup. In Olimbico there will be a ... feast, today's match with Latsiali's last home game. The motivation is with Bologna, so the logical thinking is towards X2. Bologna, of course, is absolutely secure and we do not think he will want to get anything more, as Lazio would not want to end the season with a home defeat. So, the draw at 3.00 (quite good performance for such a season) of Pamestoixima.gr is good enough and we will prefer it.

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