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England Manchester United - Fulham

Friday 07 December 2018 17: 22


Maybe Manchester United may have failed last Wednesday, but the final 2-2 versus Arsenal would not have marked a result that could change the misspellings for the Mourinho team. I think the Beat was all-in-one at 100%, with De Hea at the end, on the merits, being the one who held the tie for his team, in a game generally characterized by the many easy (to cheap) on both sides.

The misery, in short, at Old Trafford continued, and as Mourinho spoke after the end of the fight for heart, soul, and so on, the bottom line is that for another game, Manchester United appeared far below average, this very bad season. When Mourinho himself, with his team so back in the rankings, speaks of a "goal adjustment", and when one of the leading news sites reports on the main question of whether their own followers have already accepted that the team has fallen into the category of ... second grading, then I think the extra comments are unnecessary. In short, as the well-known chant says, how did we become a sergeant ...

The former Manchester United - who is Ferguson - is now at -18 from the top (for title obviously not speaking) but also in -8 from Chelsea and the fourth place, which means the team may not be able to participate even in the next Champions League, hence the mention of Mourinho for goal adjustment, as noted above. It is also worth noting that from the first nine teams of the scoring, it is the only one with a negative goal factor, a sample of the bad defensive behavior, with the "ball" even taking De Hea, stability (beyond the given class) is missing.

Finally, in the case of the game against Arsenal, it was Mourinho's decision to leave out a basic juncture - among other things - Pugba and Loukakou, throwing his ... nails into a relevant question by replying that "there is no space for those who are not willing to give the 100% for the group ".

Will you tell me now "well all the above, but Fulham is living better days"? The home defeat against Leicester (generally unfair, was better and worth winning) kept her in the last place of the scoring, and the defense defects resumed their appearance once it failed to hold it again her outbreak intact. The noticeable difference, however, is that the climate in the team is good. Yes, she is at the bottom of the scoring and her work on staying is very difficult, however, the differences in the "queue" are not so great, and the coming of Ranjire has brought a wind of optimism, so the thing is something more than open.

The bad thing, of course, is that Fulham is also renowned for its good defensive performance, so it is one of the occasions that we will need the cathecy fate above, and I think it is a key to precede it. If that happens - it has the ability to strike in the offensive but also to put difficult in the always insupportable defense of the "red devils" - I give her enough good fortune to get a very great result.

In any case, a favorite of 1,40 with THIS Manchester United does not exist in my eyes. A rifle, then, at 10,00 of bet365, where there is the possibility of immediate payment, even if Fulham manages to gain a difference of two goals during the match.

Event: Manchester United - Fulham
Sport: result
Competition: England
Date: Saturday 08 December 2018 17: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 1/10
Odds: 10.00
Bookmaker: 21+
Result: 4-1
Profit: -1 (Lost)
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