MOROCCO - PORTUGAL: If it is God's will they will succeed

MOROCCO - PORTUGAL: If it is God's will they will succeed

from / MUNDAL 2022 / Saturday 10 December 2022 10: 00

In the 2018 World Cup, a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 4th minute saw the Moroccans lose to the Portuguese in the group stage. The Portuguese went on to join the Spanish in the knockout stages.

Now, the other representatives of the Iberians, the Spanish, have already returned to their homeland and the Africans will do everything they can to ... barge the Portuguese as well.

Fernando Santos' side flashed and thundered in the previous phase, scattering the hapless Swiss to the five winds. Santos left the very Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench, putting Gonzalo Ramos, who justified him by even achieving the first hat trick of the competition, in the final 6-1! Everything in the team seems to be working like clockwork, but as long as Ronaldo, with his huge ego, doesn't derail it!

Moroccans did not come all the way to Qatar for tourism and now everyone has understood that. Ziyech's side remain unbeaten, knocked out Spain in the previous round and are now preparing for the biggest battle, until the next one. They will even have the support of the entire Arab world, as 99% of the population in Morocco are Muslims. As they themselves say, if it is God's will, they will succeed. However, they are not going to surrender without a fight, but in order to hope they will have to score.

ASSESSMENT: Goal also to Portugal, with the X2 & G combo 2,60 on

TIR1: Anytime scorer Gonzalo Ramos in the reinforced 3,40 in
TIR2: Portuguese win and goal in the match, with 2 & G to 4,60 on



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