McGregor vs. Cerrone with special bets on!

McGregor vs. Cerrone with special bets on!

from / PRESS RELEASES / Saturday, 18 January 2020 11: 22

Whatever player you are, at you play your game on UFC with a variety of betting options!

Conor McGregor's big battle with Donald Cerrone comes Sunday morning (19/1)! The Irish superstar is returning to the UFC to face the Cowboy in the cage and the world of martial arts is waiting for the super duel! The two fighters are ready, just like his team who has prepared a multitude of betting options for their match.

In addition to the traditional bets such as the winner or the winning method, there are special options for each round, combinable (winning method and winning round), the race to complete, the minute, the total successful Significant Strikes, the percentage of Significant Strikes and who will attempt the first hit.

The is up to him if the winner jumps to the top of Octagon after his win! On Saturday (18/1), it will offer a 0% * rake to the winner of the great showdown between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone!

* Concerns only the "Match Winner" option before the start of the match. Available in selected matches.

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