Tsitsipa - Sakkari qualification in Tokyo with the seal of the International Federation

Tsitsipa - Sakkari qualification in Tokyo with the seal of the International Federation

from / PRESS RELEASES / Friday 18 June 2021 09: 43

Officially, with the seal of the International Federation-ITF, the qualification of Stefanos Tsitsipas and Maria Sakkari in Tokyo.


The Olympic Committee of the International Federation-ITF, of which the Spyros Zannias completed yesterday the list of acceptance of the Athletes / three, who are entitled to participate in the Olympic Games "TOKYO 2020".


The process will be completed on the 22ndα.06.2021, after the National Olympic Committees in collaboration with the National Tennis Federations confirm the participation of the selected Athletes / three. The full list of entries will be announced by the ITF on the 30thη. 06.2021.


For the doubles match, the lists will be completed after the above. For the mixed doubles, the lists will be drawn up during the matches. But Stefanos and Maria are sure to be selected in the mixed doubles. From the E.F.O.A. A "free entry-WC card" has been requested in the men's and women's doubles event, but everything will be judged by the final entry procedure described above.


The President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and Member of the IOC Spyros Kapralos stressed his great satisfaction for the participation of the two top tennis players in the Olympic Games: "I am very happy that Maria Sakkari and Stefanos Tsitsipas will wear the jersey with the coat of arms and will represent our country in the Olympic Games. Tokyo. Their participation is a great achievement for Greece, as they are two leading athletes who promote our country worldwide in the best way, both inside and outside the courts. Their presence in Tokyo fills us with optimism that they will bring medals to Greece, both in the individual and in the mixed doubles. My joy is even greater since in 1984, I competed with Maria's mother, Angeliki Kanellopoulou, at the Los Angeles Olympics, in the first appearance of tennis in the Olympic program. Good luck Stefane and Maria. I will be with you in Tokyo, to celebrate, like all Greeks, your successes ".


The President of Olympic Preparation, Member of the Olympic Committee of the ITF and Vice President of Tennis Europe Spyros Zannias made the following statement: "I express my warm congratulations to our two great athletes, who will worthily represent our country at the Tokyo Olympics. Stefanos and Maria mark the World Tennis and I am sure that we will see the Greek Flag waving. Their qualification raises, to date, to 63 the number of qualifiers of Greek athletes / three for the Olympic Games and I feel very happy that Tennis will be present in Tokyo. I thank the President of EOE and Member of the IOC Spyros Capralos, for his love in Tennis. Good luck Stefane and Maria. "

The President of E.F.O.A. Dimitris Stamatiadis made the following statement: "On behalf of the entire Greek Tennis Family, I congratulate the two Greek children who will represent us in Tokyo."


From the E.F.O.A.





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