My TV has been banned by the doctor - he said to me, "oh Baz, you are of a certain age, you are eager with what they say, I see you break any TV or you get a plaque, you get a stroke, you have a heart attack, it's a pity you go through the glass! " Now with the World Cup…

The matches for the sixteen begin and my hand went to write something about them, but then I say there is nothing new to write, everything is in the light, everyone is playing with open cards. BRAZIL - CHILE That is to say that gods and demons will push Brazil to…

In the table below we will put daily the resulting pairs and the intersections that all teams will have until the final. The pairs are the ones that look and follow the path with the darts. Basically one in the final will come out on the left side of the board and…

For the fans of statistics, we have prepared a table with statistics that came out separately in each round of the group stage of the World Cup in Brazil. We observe balance in many areas with an obvious difference in the penalties that were given, the own goals that came in and in the overturns that were much more in…

The third round of the groups starts and from these matches the final rankings will be judged. Let's see what applies and what are the criteria in case of a tie between the teams within the groups. The ranking of each team in each group will be determined as follows: 1. The most points…

In the same work, viewers, but the play does not have laughter, it goes for drama for thriller so as not to get into trouble. What did you have John what did I always have? The dishonorable favorites in the World Cup, Giannis, are breaking. And they break with a click because a lot of people lean on them and parties…

There are fans of special bets in the bet and the most popular are the penalties and the red ones that will be given in a match. Below we present all the referees of the World Cup in Brazil and their statistics regarding the cards (yellow and red) and the penalties they have…

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