Napoli - Inter Serie A Napoli - Inter Serie A

Napoli - Inter: Risks at the San Paolo Derby

from / BETTING ADVICE / Sunday, 19 May 2019 22: 48

Two races remain for completion Serry A., but European tickets have not yet found a definitive owner.

The derby in San Paolo is singled out in today's schedule, with Inter that she does not feel safe at her ... back. Napoli, on the other hand, is not in second place, but will not let the Milanese spend a quiet night.

Her indifference Napoli it is assumed that it affects the performance of its players (3 winning victories that came with difficulty and without impressing), especially in games with low level opponents, where the motivation is absent. Of course, today is somewhat different things, as every derby gathers the eyes of the fancy world.

The big derby are played at Pamestoixima.gr with super offers and you find Millik and Ikardi to score first in enhanced odds *!

Η Inter after 3's draws, he reverted to victories with 2-0 of the ugly Kiev. It does not impress with its performance, but at the given time, results are what counts. Note that winning today is 100% in the Champions League next season. Luciano Spaleti is positive for the technician that he will again be available to Brozovic and D'Abrozio returning from punishment. Last game raises Emblem.

Prediction for Napoli - Inter

Napoli may not have a strong incentive, but there is no way he can indulge in the Inter, as the games between them have been partaking in recent years. In fact, there is not enough time since the game of the first round, where Napoli has had two mistakes and Inter is punished for racist slogans against Napoli's defender, Kulibali. As Fun Bet we can bet on the possibility of having Red card and in today's game, at 4,30 at Pamestoixima.gr.

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