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Other Sports N.D. A' of Athens

Saturday, 20 May 2023 02: 24


Rate of New Democracy A of Athens.

   The time has come for most of the world, especially the elderly (fortunately I don't feel old yet) to sit in front of the televisions and watch their own "Champions League". And after every result that will come that they expected it regardless of whether it is true or not because it is their moment and they deserve it.

The first Sunday of the elections (I think it is more likely that the likeable Asteras Tripoli will win the championship next year than that we will not have 2η electoral process) is a bit difficult for betting companies and they go "a bit blindly". Not that they don't know what is happening to them of course, just maybe in 1-2 cases they have made some mistakes. And we are there to find them.


The New Democracy (ND) in this area has once again played very strong cards. And we analyze From the previous elections (2019) they are 1. Olga Kefalogianni. 2. Vasilios Kikilias, 3. Athanasios Pleuris, 4. Nikitas Kaklamanis & 5. Evangelos Syrigos. People who can easily get 20.000+ votes. Notice I set the threshold so low (that normally there is no reason) to analyze my thinking with the lowest scenario. But he loses to Bogdanos Kostas who got 25.000+ votes. So in a bad scenario these five collected almost 173.800 votes last year. So if everyone gets 5.000 less (a very large number) minus Bogdanos' 25.000, we reach – 50.000!!!! But there is a big BUT to the equation. Kyriakos Pierrakakis. Mr. Gov. If we say that it does not go to very high numbers but to the numbers of Bogdanos+, it has already covered 25.000 votes. Element No.1.

In addition to Dimitrios Tzanakopoulos and Nasos Iliopoulos, who may hit numbers close to 25.000 (as much as Pierrakakis but not his max), SYZYRIZA has to recommend the two (2) Nikolides Voustis and Fili with "what this entails" which I don't think anyone of them to be able to reach 30.000+ votes. Element No.2.

The K.K.E. with stable Liana he can get 2.00-2.500 more votes. Element No.3.

KINAL-PASOK with Skandalidis in front, who may reach 7.000 votes, puts Pavlos Geroulanos in the equation, who cannot do miracles and we give him 10.000!!! Element No.4.

So if we take the four (4) above basic elements and say that "theoretically":

  • The votes of A.A. out of the 7.000, 1.000 should go only to the SW (because the other three don't want to go). Namely N.D. +1.000
  • We have N.D. 173.800 – 25.000 (Theoretically as an upset) – 25.000 Bogdanou votes = 123.800 from the top five(5) alone!!
  • N.D. 123.800 + 30.000 Pierrakaki votes = 153.800 from the first six(6)
  • SYRYZA 74.000 (2019) + Iliopoulos (20.000!!!) + reaction votes (20.000!!!) = 114.000 All potential.
  • KKE 15.000 (2019) + reaction votes (11.000!!!) = 26.000 All potential.
  • KINAL-PASOK 12.200 (2019) + Geroulanos (10.000!!!) + reaction votes (16.000!!!) = 38.200 All potential.


We conclude that their numbers are very high even with bad scenarios. They seem confused, but I want to show you that the names that the ND downloads are very strong with good recommendations and when in 2019 it had a percentage of 42,32% with the "tramp" Bogdanou-Pierrakakis, it cannot be lost by anything, only won, so the to give the percentage of 37.5% for the ND to get the A of Athens, I consider it the biggest mistake of the companies.

Therefore SW: A' of Athens Over37.5%.

Event: N.D. A' of Athens
Sport: Other Sports
Category: Other Sports Greek Elections 2023
Date: Sunday, 21 May 2023 21: 00
Tip: About
Units: 9/10
Odds: 1.70
Bookmaker: 21+ | EEEP Regulator KETHEA helpline: 210 9237777 | Play Responsibly
Result: 42,18%
Profit: + 6,3 (Won)
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Suggestions are also given for his sport Ice Hockey.

And as I have always said the best bet is the live-bet !!


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2023 58 4 72 -29.82 -5.3%
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