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  • Aug 2018
  • 21:45

England Newport - Notts County

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 14: 55


I have to admit that for this particular choice I was quite hesitant about whether it was wise to add it to my game tonight, since it is almost out of ... logical basis of the image of the two teams so far. 

With two wins and a draw so far, Newport is essentially continuing from where it left off last year, showing that it will not be particularly in danger this year either, finishing somewhere in the middle of the standings - aspirations for something more, after all, do not exist. 

For Notts County, however, the aspirations are there, however the bad start has already put Kevin Nolan in a difficult position, who is trying to find the right formula for his team to do what it can because, at least on paper, it has to choose from a particularly strong roster. It is no coincidence that according to the betting companies he was considered one of the first favorites for promotion and probably even more it is not accidental that despite this bad start he remains the fourth favorite for promotion. 

Betting at 3,27 in goalbet, I rewrite it, involves a lot of risk and goes against form logics, momentum or even, if you will, against my personal principles, in everything that has to do with the choice of points. Where do I rely? On the one hand, that Nolan is not a random person and I am convinced that he can find the edge, on the other hand, that Newport may ... owe something more. Really, the fact that Newport is still playing in Ligue 2 is thanks to the "gift" that Knott gave her last game two years ago, with the goalkeeper then in the role of ... traffic warden in the second, winning, then home goals. 

Event: Newport - Notts County
Sport: result
Category: England
Date: Tuesday, 21 August 2018 21: 45
Tip: 2
Units: 3/10
Odds: 3.27
Result: 3-2
Profit: -3 (Lost)
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His love for the sport called football, his knowledge of this, and more generally his desire to share thoughts, ideas and prognoses, has prompted him to take up a bet from an early age. So somehow, starting out as a stamp from the ... various forums, it has reached a well-known betting newspaper of pan-Hellenic range and now feels ready for new challenges.

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