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Other League Norway - Turkey

Saturday, 27 March 2021 10: 42


In the game of the 7th group of the World Cup qualifiers in the European zone, which is also the derby of the match, we will deal in this article, Norway against Turkey.

Norway did the job in the premiere on its trip to Gibraltar, the final 0-3 reflects the image of the match. They knew that the Norwegians would win and they did not increase their pace much, their first goal came in the 43rd minute while the star Haland was left without a ball. The target for tonight's game is clear, which will judge a lot in the qualifying battle, especially since the Turks managed to beat the Netherlands on Wednesday. In its last home games, it has only minimal losses, not losing, among other things, to Spain, the problem is that today it will play as a typical home team in Malaga.

A result that caused a sensation for the Turks, an emphatic 4-2 over the Dutch and the team is sailing in a sea of ​​happiness. Hat-trick the trained striker Yilmaz, in 46 'the score was 3-0! He was anxious with 3-2 but responded immediately in 81 ', lost a penalty by Depay for 4-3 in 95'. We did not become wiser with this score, at least in what has to do with the fighting physiognomy of our neighbors, since the offensive ability and talent of the players from the middle and front is known, at the same time its defense is indulgently mediocre, accepting goals for seven consecutive games, in 6 of them from two or more. Theoretically, a draw tonight would not be a bad result, with a victory he can dream well in the first place.

Strong match between teams with different characteristics, the toughest Norwegians will go strong in the match, with the Turks being able to cope with a tough match. But a goal will open the game with both defenses not being a model of stability, GG seems more likely than betshop 1,76.


Event: Norway - Turkey
Sport: result
Competition: Other League Other League
Date: Saturday, 27 March 2021 19: 00
Tip: GG
Units: 4/10
Odds: 1.76
Bookmaker: 21+
Result: 0-3
Profit: -4 (Lost)
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