Instructions for registering on a betting platform

Instructions for registering on a betting platform

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With the development of technology and the rise of the internet, many are turning to online betting. This change was not easy for those who did not have (and do not have) good contact with computers and technology in general.

In this article you will read how to open (step by step) an account in one betting site provided that you have chosen which one meets your requirements and you know what to look out for.

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Personal details - Identification

The registration process takes place at a special betting registration form that you need to fill in. The data requested by each company is usually: name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, address, country of residence, contact telephone and email.

Make sure all the items you write are right from the start. Fill in your name as it appears on your identity rather than as your friends call you.

Account identification documents:

  • Color duplicate of two sides of your identity or passport. The driving license is not acceptable.
  • Color copy of an account stating the institution, the latest date of issue, your name and home address that you have stated to us (eg DEKO - PPC, EYDAP, OTE, mobile account, bank account, tax clearance, VAT return, Declaration N105 with residence data certified by KEP or the police with residence data, etc). The bill or document must be recently issued in your name and renewed on an annual basis. We will also need to receive the entire document, not just part of it.
  • Two-sided color copy of each credit / debit / prepaid card you use at the betting company covering the 3-digit security code on the back and leaving the first 6 and last 4 digits on the front of the card, the holder's name and expiration date (if the number appears on the back then it will need to be done there as well).

All the above documents must have all 4 corners visible and be color scanned copies in jpeg or png files (not photocopy).

Username / username

Choose a Latin alias that you will use to enter your account and to communicate with betting on anything you need.

Password / password

Choose a strong code also in Latin, make sure it consists of letters and numbers or even symbols if the company allows it and has a length of at least 8 digits for greater security. The security code is strictly personal and should not be shared with anyone. Also know that no bettor will ever ask you for your password. It is forbidden.


If you ask yourself what this is, it is a field that you have to fill in to understand the program that you are a man behind the keyboard and not a robot trying to steal data.  

Security code

When you sign up, you may be asked to choose a personal security question that is necessary to solve problems that usually have to do with bank transactions.

Once you have completed all the fields and pressed enrollment, check your email to see if you received a confirmation email (some are not sent or you log in automatically to your account with your sign up).

Once the registration is completed, we advise you to require that your details be identified (sending the necessary documents) before proceeding with the deposit. Once the identification of items and accounts is complete and you get the final approval, ask if they will need anything else in the future to sort it out from the beginning. Otherwise there is a case to deposit your money and when you ask for a withdrawal they block it on the grounds that something is still missing for your identification. 

You will then need to choose how you will transfer your money to your account to start betting. Each deposit method also has the corresponding withdrawal method, which usually requires confirmed accounts and thus verified the data declared during the registration with the betting company. That's why we suggested that you start from the beginning to identify your account so you do not "run" afterwards.


Naturally the security of personal data is essential in processes involving money. So it is good to know that every item that has been registered in the company, has been encrypted in such a way as to ensure its protection from any unexpected leaks that can cause problems for both the customer and the reputation of the betting company.

After following this time-consuming and painful way to make sure you've been covered as much as possible and you've made the first important step in saving many unpleasant surprises, you'll also have fun, knowledge, and definitely greater profits.

Good fun and good success.

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