Betting Guidelines

- Friday, 19 March 2021 13: 00

Key elements of the Heinz system

The Heinz system is a betting system consisting of six options, all grouped into one bet (2-3-4-5-6). Although an entity, it is a creation of a total of 57 bets. The Heinz 57 bet name comes from the presence of these 57 bets (columns as we are used to). Ironically, this betting system…

- Tuesday, February 23 2021 10: 13

Instructions for registering on a betting platform

With the development of technology and the rise of the internet, many people have turned to online betting. This change was not easy for those who did not have (and do not have) good contact with computers and technology in general. In this article you will read how to open…

- Tuesday, February 23 2021 14: 06

Which bets offer early payout

In recent years, bookmakers have made great efforts to improve their services and make them more attractive to gamblers. Competition between bookmakers has always existed, but has grown sharply in recent years as the industry has flourished. This is the most important reason…

Cash out * is a relatively new feature that most bookmakers have been adopting in recent times. It is actually the redemption of the amount in your respective card allowing you to win money before the end of the game in which you bet. The amount of money you get back is determined…

- Monday, January 04 2021 11: 58

How the odds of the games come out in the bet

How do Bookmakers get the odds of the games? A common question among gamblers who are either taking their first steps in the "space" (beginners), or after some time decided to take the subject seriously and began to gather basic information about it. Necessary…

- Monday, 14 December 2020 12: 57

What are the top 3 bets worth having an account

At Infobeto we present you the best legal betting that works in Greece. Since 2011 there are twenty-four (1248) betting companies with a temporary license based on POL13.12.2011 / 12 and the 4002th paragraph of law 2011/24. Of course, according to our information, this will change at the beginning of the year and more specifically in…

- Friday, November 06 2020 18: 52

In which bet to play the weekend derby?

As you know, from tomorrow morning we are forced to enter a new reality that will last for 3 weeks, in which, however, things are a little different compared to the period of March-April. High level football matches continue normally throughout Europe, of course observing…

- Tuesday, October 06 2020 11: 43

Betting systems: Detailed guide for players

Because the way you play in betting is as important as the point choices, here are the systems widely used by gamblers. See what suits your tastes and adjust your choices accordingly. It is a given that the most appropriate way to bet is the only acceptable ones.

- Saturday 15 February 2020 12: 03

Where and how do I report a betting company?

Starting the adventure of betting and gambling in general, it is good to have read and know the basics before registering on a legal betting site in Greece. Infobeto has compiled a guide with terms and conditions before you sign up for a betting page and enter the world of…

The majority of online bookmakers offer the player several "amenities", such as high level services, unique offers and a small rake. Somehow, they create the impression that players are welcome to play on their website and win. But what is really happening? What are the reasons why…
17 Apr 2021
We are in the 4th game of its play off and play out Greek SuperLeague Interwetten and the battles of the tail and those for Europe are of interest. Undoubtedly the ... Read more

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The infobeto organizes 3 new major competitions for the Champions League, the Europa League and the Greek Championship!

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MITROPOULOS +76.22 + 20.22 %
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RAPTAKIS -0.67% -0.24%
ERTZAN -1.24% -5.17%
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ -13.51% -5.58%
PRAGUE -18.37% -8.02%

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SOLAR +1098.35 + 12.74 %
PRAGUE +238.53 + 16.00 %
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ +72.64 + 9.20 %
RAPTAKIS +69.43 + 1.59 %
MITROPOULOS +26.85 + 1.15 %
ERTZAN +14.37 + 0.32 %

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Leicester v Southampton € 2833989
Getafe v Real Madrid € 2147530
Betis v Valencia € 747995
Levante v Villarreal € 736342
Nantes v Lyon € 477480
Naples v Inter € 346752
CD Nacional Funchal v Porto € 321883
FCSB v Botosani € 40695
Al Ahli v Al-Duhail SC € 38020
AL Shorta Baghdad v Esteg ... € 33915

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