Betting Guidelines

- Monday, July 25 2022 11: 43

Betting systems: Detailed guide for players

Because the way you play in betting is as important as the point choices, here are the systems widely used by gamblers. See what suits your tastes and adjust your choices accordingly. It is a given that the most appropriate way to bet is the only acceptable ones.

- Saturday 15 February 2020 12: 03

Where and how do I report a betting company?

Starting the adventure of betting and gambling in general, it is good to have read and know the basics before registering on a legal betting site in Greece. Infobeto has compiled a guide to the terms and conditions before you sign up for a betting site and enter the world of…

The majority of online bookmakers offer the player several "amenities", such as high level services, unique offers and a small rake. Somehow, they create the impression that players are welcome to play on their website and win. But what is really happening? What are the reasons why…

Asian handicap is an alternative way of betting on football, in which one team has a "virtual lead = handicap" over the other. Asian handicap has its roots in Indonesia and became popular at the beginning of the 21st century. Handicap prices range…

- Monday, 18 December 2017 23: 28

What is the rake in the bet

Today's article in Priza is dedicated to the rake, a word so common, but at the same time so unknown to the majority of players, or even to those who "deal" directly or indirectly with the betting industry. Definition: It is the legal profit of anyone who organizes gambling. Where there is no rake…

- Monday, July 25 2022 15: 52

Betting: Terms, criteria and guidelines

In this article you will read how to open an account in a betting shop to play the safest bet possible and we will suggest you what you should pay attention to in every detail. We often read and hear that opening a betting account is simple, it takes 5 minutes…

- Wednesday, July 27 2016 10: 57

Indicative Statistical Forecasting Method

The article is written to highlight a way to estimate a match result based on a simple statistical method. This method is applied in matches with three points (1-X-2) and does not refer to odds but to "similar games". But what are reciprocal games? Mutual games are "luck" games in which…

- Friday 15 July 2016 19: 11

Capital Management - Indicative Strategy

This article is aimed at gamblers who have a relative money cellar and do not gamble at will or until their balance is exhausted. It is addressed to those who have collected an X how much and from this they want to make a profit. We all know the expression bankroll management which…

- Thursday, 10 March 2016 15: 20

The confirmation polarization on the bet

For a long time I wanted to write about the "confirmation polarization" that I often came across in ... supposed tipsters or otherwise predictions that I used to read in magazines or on betting sites. I say "I read" because I no longer read 99% of them and you will understand below why. From the trouble to write…

- Tuesday, 08 March 2016 10: 58

The unexpected paradox of Monty Hall

Thanks to a problem posed by "pchatziko" in the infobeto forum, we searched and found more about it and we quote an article written on his blog by a friend engineer. Monty Hall is a Canadian showman, who presented the famous video game Let's make a deal on ABC from…

Statistics Tipsters

  • Profit-Yield 2022
  • Profit-Yield All Time
  • Hot Tipsters (Streak)

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +53.69 + 6.77 %
RAPTAKIS +41.98 + 6.94 %
FOUNTOULAKIS +33.27 + 3.04 %
KALAMBALIKIS +9.31 + 1.57 %
LIAPI FOTIS -19.58 -2.84%
PRAGUE -29.67 -7.93%
MITROPOULOS -92.45 -8.54%

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1109.80 + 11.11 %
KALAMBALIKIS +188.30 + 10.26 %
PRAGUE +149.39 + 7.10 %
RAPTAKIS +93.61 + 1.74 %
MITROPOULOS +51.40 + 1.19 %
LIAPI FOTIS -1.47 -0.15%
FOUNTOULAKIS -10.44 -0.40%

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