Betting Guidelines

- Wednesday, 04 March 2015 20: 01

Programs and system generators

Certainly as a phrase it says a lot, but also ... nothing if one does not understand what it means ... System Generators are essentially a computer system that calculates through special programs how everyone can play conservative betting and with the right guidance to increase slowly its initial capital, having a small…

- Wednesday, 04 March 2015 20: 00

Variable Systems

There are many versions of betting systems. They are divided into different categories such as variable systems, enhanced variables, bivariables, enhanced bivariables and conditional variable systems. That is, systems that do not have simple points, but have a different approach to their development through codes.

- Wednesday, 04 March 2015 19: 54

System payouts on betting

The OPAP bet is played in two ways by the players. Complete ticket or with system. In the first case, he will have to catch all the matches he bet to go ... to the box office. In the second, there is the margin of error or mistakes, depending on the system. If a ticket is with a system σύστημα

- Wednesday, 04 March 2015 19: 53

System Analyzes

Systems are a way to gamble somewhat differently. And the technology of systems analysis now stands on the ... side of the players. Because betting programs have been developed that analyze systems and give the opportunity to someone who bets their money, to know immediately what they are…

- Saturday, 29 November 2014 17: 52

Play Responsibly!

Like today in 2006 RGA has established November 29th as Responsible Gambling Awareness Day. Infobeto supports the "Responsible Gaming" to protect players, vulnerable social groups and minors from the possibility of harm and the negative consequences associated with…

What are the 24 legal bets in Greece? Which betting companies acquired Greek VAT and legally offer their services to Greek players? Below we have prepared a table with all the information we managed to gather about them. We analyze the 24 companies that applied in December 2011 to be included in the scheme…

- Monday, July 25 2022 09: 15

Value bet, bet for smart players

Anyone who gambles will have heard or read about the so-called "value bet". But what is this definition and how well do those who use it know it? The term "value bet", therefore, refers to the strictly mathematical way of betting. When you bet on "value", that is, on the value, you do not pay attention to the criteria…

- Monday, October 15 2012 11: 28

Kelly Criterion and Bet

Kelly Criterion is a formula used to maximize long-term winnings in a positive value bet. More specifically for betting, the JL Kelly guy tells us how much money we should bet at a point where we consider the chances of verification…

- Wednesday, October 10 2012 09: 06

The Fibonacci sequence on the bet

This system, named after the Italian mathematician who lived in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, was well known in his day and is now recognized as the greatest mathematician of the Middle Ages. But let's learn a few things about him. His real name was Leonardo…

- Monday, October 08 2012 10: 49

The rake on the bet

In the difficult world of betting, survives anyone who has patience, perseverance, plan, information and above all one who works methodically and with cold blood. So methodical betting is something that characterizes the professional player, but also the one who respects his money and tries if nothing else…

Statistics Tipsters

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Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +53.69 + 6.77 %
RAPTAKIS +41.98 + 6.94 %
FOUNTOULAKIS +33.27 + 3.04 %
KALAMBALIKIS +9.31 + 1.57 %
LIAPI FOTIS -19.58 -2.84%
PRAGUE -29.67 -7.93%
MITROPOULOS -92.45 -8.54%

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1109.80 + 11.11 %
KALAMBALIKIS +188.30 + 10.26 %
PRAGUE +149.39 + 7.10 %
RAPTAKIS +93.61 + 1.74 %
MITROPOULOS +51.40 + 1.19 %
LIAPI FOTIS -1.47 -0.15%
FOUNTOULAKIS -10.44 -0.40%

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