Betting Guidelines

- Thursday, February 24 2011 10: 22

Sure Bet

The Secrets to a Betting Bet The odds on a live bet vary from company to company. Sure bet (also known as "arbitrage betting") is nothing more than trying to make a sure profit by betting on different betting companies, taking advantage of the differences…

- Thursday, February 24 2011 09: 59

Live Betting

More action with live betting A big "bang" in betting in recent years has become thanks to live betting ("live betting"). Live betting can be divided into sub-categories of special bets, but all are given the opportunity to make decisions during the course of the game. But what does this mean? Means…

- Tuesday, September 20 2022 17: 00

Betting opportunity

Betting Chance (or Value Bet) is considered a return that is greater than the probability of verification that a point has. Let's look at a simple example: Inside a bag we have 20 pebbles, which are the same size. 12 are black and 8 are white. Let's say that the 12 black...

- Wednesday, October 13 2010 15: 30

Betting Top Teams

Which teams to bet on? It is a fact that betting can pay off every year if you constantly support good teams and oppose the bad ones! The problem, however, is that it is not at all easy to separate the two. Let's look at some interesting facts below. If you bet…

- Thursday, 07 October 2010 07: 55

Flat bet

There are many ways for a player to develop their game. But the basic rules are the following: restraint, patience and a clear mind. Let me repeat on the occasion the first axiom of gambling. In order for you to make money dude gambler, someone else has to lose. It has happened to everyone to win…

- Friday, October 01 2010 22: 17

Overrated Over, Underestimated Under

Where is it more likely to find the wrong odds? Let's say you go shopping in a clothing store or at any store. Which products offer you the most attractive prices? The answer is easy, to those that the shopkeeper has difficulty selling! Exactly the same as strange…

- Monday, September 27 2010 23: 44

Correct and wrong odds

Today we will take a more general approach to betting. If you want to make money by betting on football matches then I think you need to know two things. First, what the odds should be and second, where the wrong odds are most likely to be found! The process of finding the wrong…

- Tuesday, June 08 2010 23: 29

Every Way betting

In some types of bets, betting companies offer an "each way" betting option. This is a bet in which you predict that the team you have selected will finish in any of the top positions. Basically this is a multiple bet. Part of your bet goes to victory…

- Tuesday, June 01 2010 20: 50

Fear of profit, slimy.

The greatest enemy of profit is greed. This is the inviolable rule that governs all areas of trade. In betting in particular, we meet this enemy every day and play cards, such as Trajan and Sotis, in the European of Austria, with the well-known ones usually following a correct and και

- Wednesday, 12 May 2010 09: 30

Socks and socks.

I read with great interest the Greenbook article about "set up" games and the Chinese and I want to add a few things. . And maybe a turnover of 10 million…
06 Dec 2022
They say it's the most wonderful time of the year and Live Casino puts on its festive decorations! From Monday (05/12) until January 8 Xmas Unboxing! A month full of prizes* and ... Read more

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