Betting company registration: Terms, criteria and guidelines

Posted on Friday, December 16 2016 14: 27

In this article you will read how do you open an account with a betting company? to play as safe as possible Betting as well as suggesting what to look out for in detail.

We read and hear often that opening a betting account is something simple, that it takes 5 minutes, and many more ... unprofessional, mostly made by betting sites or columnists who take their readers' money in defiance.

At the infobeto you will read what you need to look out for at each step before making your enrollment to minimize future risks.


Prerequisites that you are ready to sign up

Before making the following steps, make sure the following rules apply:

  • You are 21 years old and over
  • You have your own money left over and it will not be a problem if it's lost.
  • You have an active email to get all the necessary before and after your registration
  • You have all the necessary papers that companies ask for when you sign up
  • You have a bank account or e-wallet for your transactions ()
  • Have you read and understood the article «responsible game"And you know about the addictions of gambling


Once you're done with all of the above, you have to choose the right betting company to play your money and match the type of bet you want to make. Collect as much information about it as possible even from player reports to the biggest betting slip forum of Greece.

What you need to find as a player is a legitimate and trustworthy company that respects its customers by offering very good support, quick withdrawals, many trading methods, good offers and bonuses, a small rake to get higher returns and live the best possible streaming for live betting. It is better to have a very good platform for mobile or tablet because it will take you a lot.

Next, we suggest that you investigate and set as the basic selection criteria for the bet to play the following:

Legitimate betting companies

Choose to play somewhere that is legitimate. In 2011, 1248 13.12.2011 / 12 4002 / 2011 24 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX So you are required to choose one of the companies operating under these licenses and you can find them in the file we have created and constantly renewed with the addition of any new news falls into our minds.

Reliable betting company

In the above list of companies operating in our country, there are companies that have proved their credibility and others that prove the exact opposite. The more reliable the fewer problems you will encounter. Beware, a trusted company is not the one that will make you all the goodies but it is the one that will protect you, provide you with a pleasant environment with clear terms, with support that is willing to solve all your questions or problems that will be presented to you , to give fair solutions, not to delay payments, correct identification, etc.

Registration bonuses and various betting offers

Many are the ones who choose to subscribe to a company depending on their registration bonus. It is a bonus that comes out according to how much money the player will deposit. But here you have to watch out because in order to get that money you have to adhere to the rules of the company it has to give you the specific registration bonus.

Because it shines is not gold, you have to read the rules correctly, understand them (otherwise ask to explain them from the support in every detail until you understand it) and then figure out and think if the way you play will be able to satisfy these conditions without pushing you in time or pushing you by increasing the amount you were willing to play or forcing you to play higher odds than you would like. Finally, be sure to find out what happens if you fail to make your own bonus within the time required.

Know that often not accepting the sign up bonus to a betting company may be better, depending on how you play.

It is also important to see what other bids are available for each betting company. Many times, permanent or temporary offers that merit consideration and play, such as preferring to play a game offered by some companies with 0% rake, or play a specific buy-in market or bet on specific bets offer them at a higher performance than normal, etc.


A very important factor in our opinion to make a profit is to select a betting company as low as possible rake, that is, the returns offered to the betting events are high. Compare the odds of different companies and you will understand the difference they have. The easiest way to compare is to see markets with two choices (eg Under and Over) where you will understand that the closer both prices to 2.00 are, the better for you. Think now that if you find a difference of 10% in company-to-company prices means a corresponding loss in your earnings if you choose the lowest odds or an increase of 10% if you choose the largest ones.

Betting options

Small companies that are afraid of winning players usually offer few selections in races as well as individual selections in each race. They restrain themselves by betting only the big and known tournaments or categories of them, avoiding the most unknown tournaments or offering little betting or putting their betting limits or winnings very low. These companies are good at avoiding them because if a month the players win a lot, they will find it dark with unknown consequences.

Terms and conditions of betting companies

The most important point for a good player and company "cooperation" is the clear rules, terms and conditions of wagering not only the bonus but also all the cases for each bet that you can bet your money. He deserves great attention as no one counts on the fine prints until he or she will be presented with the problem or the question and then he will run his complaints at the infobeto.com forum.

Take a moment to read very carefully the general rules of the company you want to choose. If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the company's support for clarification of what is mentioned.

How to deposit and withdraw profits

An important criterion for choosing a company is how to deposit and withdraw winnings from betting. The company you choose should pay you directly without delays as well as you need to see how you want to deal with each company by finding the options you will have to deposit or withdraw.

It is not certain that all betting companies provide the same number and method of payment, so you have to choose a company that allows you to trade in the way you want eg. by wire transfer from your bank account, or by credit card or any electronic purse (skrill, paypal, neteller etc)

In addition to the above, check the billing amounts for each transaction. Taking e.g. in a bank account, is charged with a significant amount of some companies and this should be known before you make your choice. If you decide to use a credit card, choose a card with a low take-up limit to avoid a potential overrun that will cost you. Select the company that accepts the payment and deposit method based on the debit card you have in order to avoid additional costs.

Details of this kind for each company you can find on special category which we have created for you for legitimate betting companies.

Betting Limit and Profit Limit on Bets

If you are a player who is betting large amounts then the important things you need to look for are the limits of the bets that companies receive per sport, organization, championship, category, match you are planning to play. If you do not find it, ask them to tell you what is the maximum bet that the betting company accepts.

You may also be one of those who play a little and are looking for a lot. And you are looking for the highest winnings you can get from each bet per day, per week, per month or year so you will not be surprised if you get a big amount and do not give it to you.

Deductions and taxes

Every euro is worth, and especially if you are playing small amounts, it is a good idea to put betting company selection criteria and withdrawals on deposits or withdrawals, as well as how the company calculates the tax on profits. Read the relevant articles in the rules and decide how you play to maximize winnings in your pocket.


Registration procedure for a betting company

Once you have recorded all of the above and you end up with which or which companies you will subscribe to, because more companies may want to cover you than one to cover up, we will analyze how to sign up for them.

In this article you will read how to open an account with a betting company and what to watch out for.

Personal details - Identification

The recording process takes place at a special form of registration of the betting company that you need to fill in. The data requested by each company is usually: name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, address, country of residence, contact telephone and email.

Make sure all the items you write are right from the start. Fill in your name as it appears on your identity rather than as your friends call you.

Account identification documents:
  1. Color duplicate of two sides of your identity or passport. The driving license is not acceptable.
  2. A color copy of an account to which the organization refers, the recent date of issue, your name and the address of your residence (eg DEKO - PPC, EYDAP, OTE, mobile account, bank account, tax payer, VAT identification number, responsible N105 Statement of Residence Certified by JEP or Police with Residential Information, etc.). The account or document must have been recently edited in your name and renewed on an annual basis. We will also need to receive the entire document, not part of it.
  3. A two-sided color copy of any credit / debit / prepaid card you use in the betting company covering the 3 security code on the back and leaving the front of the card clearly showing the 6 first and 4 last digits, the holder's name and the expiration date (if the number appears on the back side then it will have to be done the same).

All of the above documents must have 4 angles as well as color scanned copies in jpeg or png (not photocopies).

Username / username

Choose a Latin alias that you will use to enter your account and to contact the company for anything you need.

Password / password

Choose a strong password also in Latin, make sure it is composed of letters and numbers and / or symbols if the company allows it and is at least 8 digits in length for added security. The security code is strictly personal and you should not share it with anyone. Also be aware that no company will ever ask for your password. It is forbidden.


If you ask yourself what this is, it is a field you need to fill in to understand that you are a man behind the keyboard and not a robot trying to steal data.

Security code

When you sign up, you may be asked to choose a personal security question that is necessary to solve problems that usually have to do with bank transactions.

Once you have completed all the fields and pressed enrollment, check your email to see if you received a confirmation email (some are not sent or you log in automatically to your account with your sign up).

Once the registration is complete, we advise you to require that your items be identified (sending necessary documents) before proceeding with a deposit. Once identification and accounts have been completed and you get the final approval, ask if in the future you will need something else to sort it out from scratch. Otherwise, you can deposit your money and when you ask for an offer to block it on the grounds that there is still something missing about your identification.

You will then need to choose how you will transfer your money to your account to start betting. Each deposit method also has the corresponding withdrawal method, which usually requires confirmed accounts and thus verified the data declared during the registration with the betting company. That's why we suggested that you start from the beginning to identify your account so you do not "run" afterwards.


It is natural that personal data security is essential in processes involving money. So it is good to know that every item registered in the company has been encrypted in such a way that it is protected from any unexpected leaks that may cause a problem both to the client and to the reputation of the betting company.

After following this time-consuming and painful way to make sure you've been covered as much as possible and you've made the first important step in saving many unpleasant surprises, you'll also have fun, knowledge, and definitely greater profits.

Good fun and good success.

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