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Odds ... go to the final of the Champions League!

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The Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool is taking place at Madrid's Metropolitan Stadium

WHAT APPLIES: Final of the Champions League. In the event of a tie, a half-hour extension, and if necessary, the penalty shootout procedure. In the prolongation the teams will also be entitled to 4 change. He is the first final Champions League to use the VAR.

The time has come for the biggest match this season, when all the football fans of the world and of course the fans of the two teams expected. The racket of the match is Slovenian Damir Skomina. 

42 Slovenian slogan this year was a Champions League referee after he whistled in four games, two in clubs and two in the 16 phase, as in two other in the Europa League.

Let's note that Skomina has never whistled a final of the top European cross-country competition. Of course, VAR will be used. The odds ... escape to the Champions League final!

Spain is dressed in England and Madrid welcomes the two big contenders of the trophy. Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. Potterino's surprise team overcame the obstacles of Manchester City and Ajax, even proving in Amsterdam that nothing is over before the referee whistled for the last time. And if the "fens" made a great reversal in the Dutch capital, then what the Liverpool "reds" did was impressive.

Clop's team overturned Barcelona's 3-0 and, despite absences, qualified with the imposing 4-0 of Anfield.

Special Stats:

♦ First final in Tottenham's history, first for her technician, Poketino.

♦ In any of her 12 European games Tottenham has not managed to score in the semifinals. 0-6-6 its account.

♦ "Cats" have never won on Spanish soil, counting 0-3-3

♦ This is Liverpool's 9 final. Only Real Madrid (16), AC Milan (11) and Bayern (10) have more entries in the Champions League final.

♦ Liverpool is unbeaten in the past five times when it came across English teams in Europe (3-2-0).

Jürgen Clop vs Maurizio Poetino

Battle between two top technicians. Today will be the tenth game between the two. Klop won the four, Pocetino just one, while another four ended with a draw.

Son vs Salah

This year's final is an English affair. Effective Shon, who scores 4 in the Champions League, is the one who takes over most of his final efforts. Against him the demons Salah and he with 4 goals and most Liverpool finals.

Harry Caine vs Sadio Mane

Gary Harry Kane (first goal scorer with 5 goals) against Buffalo Champion Santo Mane (Liverpool's first scoring in all 26 finishes, which of course Salah). Which team will pick up the Cup?

Tottenham vs Liverpool at with even higher odds and unique combo bets *!

  • To score first and Tottenham to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Kain to score first and Tottenham to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Salah to score first and Liverpool to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Manne to score first and Liverpool to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Exact 1-1 or 2-2 or 3-3 scores on enhanced odds

Get to and find the great Champions League final in the odds you wanted!

Predictions for the Champions League final

Huge game, an English "civilian" that is sure to hold us in anxiety until the last second. Four out of six finals between teams from the same country ended up with draws, with three of them being judged in the penalty shootout and one in the overtime. We will not go that far, as it is likely to play the role as well tie in the regular time the fight is a result of pays well (3.60) to

Y.K. invites its readers to vote which of the two English teams will be crowned European champions.

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