The five special options for CSKA-Panathinaikos

The five special options for CSKA-Panathinaikos

from / PRESS RELEASES / Thursday, December 02 2021 12: 44

The promoted Panathinaikos is in Moscow to test its strength against the CSKA of Dimitris Itoudis.

Thursday's match (2/12, 19:00) requires a fighting spirit to eliminate the possibility of spiritual relaxation after the latest successes. Otherwise, it will cost.

We constantly reiterate the importance of managing the emotions of a team in the Euroleague marathon where every match is important. This management has exactly the same value as the one in the regular part. Panathinaikos comes from two good results which changed the atmosphere inside the team. He faced problems during the week with Papapetrou (he will eventually be absent from this match) and Papagiannis, but he hopes that he will continue to walk the path of improvement in Moscow.

Howard Sant-Roos Points 6+ at odds of 1.47 at Stoiximan

CSKA is trying to get out of the mini-crisis it experienced a while ago. The consecutive defeats he suffered from the end of October onwards created a situation rather unprecedented for the organization. In the last two weeks, the "bear" has shown some dim signs of improvement, but it is far from the image that coach Itoudis has in mind.

The Russians were competitive in Palau Blaugrana, "falling" of course after a very bad fourth period. They doubled in Buesa Arena being better than the Basques and quite determined, while they survived in the details in a very ambiguous battle in the last match in Moscow with Bayern.

Daniel Hackett Assist 2+ at odds of 1.50 at Stoiximan

It is obvious that CSKA has a significant defensive problem and this acts as a deterrent in its attempt to find rhythm and present a more balanced person. The Russian defense allows the attacks to execute with 56.7% in two-pointers and 37.1% in three-pointers (numbers if nothing else very high) while its overall indicators in the rear evaluate it as one of the weakest defenses in the Euroleague. From this part they have to start in Moscow if they want to change the image of this year's CSKA.

During this time, Will Claiborne is the player who tries to get ahead and pull the cart out of the mud. The Shengelia-Voigtmann duo also do a very good job (the German forward-center counts 16.3 points with 10/18 three-pointers and 4.3 rebounds in the last three games in the tournament), but in difficult times the American forward is the one who takes responsibility, with his coach leaning on Claiborne's undisputed ability in the personal phase. The 31-year-old CSKA star must be a key target of the Greek defense, which must keep him away from the basket (racket score, offensive rebound).

For its part, Panathinaikos seems to play and breathe better as a team. The match-up zone of Dimitris Priftis that made its appearance in Munich, positively shocked the competitive body of the greens and was the "tool" that helped them find a balance, preventing big dives in their performance within forty minutes. In short, the defense with adjustments kept Panathinaikos in the foam when he was in danger of sinking, laying the carpet for his soloists (more specifically Nedovic) to parade in the final straight of the last two very demanding games.

Daryl Macon Rebound 2+ at odds of 1.30 at Stoiximan

The greens will try in Moscow to take advantage of their good racing timing. If they are fully focused and do not relax from the charming smell of the two important victories in closed matches, they can do it. Otherwise they will land awkwardly again in reality. Panathinaikos can compete with CSKA in the same way that it competed with Bayern in Munich and Olympiakos in Piraeus.

The Russians play just as fast and rely, like the Greek attack, on the personal phase in terms of development. It will be interesting to see if coach Priftis's belt (if activated again) can affect them in this part (development), forcing them to play away from their racing habits. With so few key players (Ludberg, Svend) shooting badly behind the three-point line so far, it is very likely that the hosts will turn to Kurbanov's Spot up shots (one of the most effective position shooters in Europe, it needs special pay close attention especially to the shots from the corners) and to the very good moon of Voigtmann who performs with great confidence. Also note that CSKA is strong over time in the offensive rebound (No. 4 this year in the tournament), an element that rings the alarm bell for the green defense.

Iffe Lundberg Accurate Tripods 1+ at odds of 1.50 at Stoiximan

In conclusion, the degree of difficulty is definitely high for Panathinaikos in Moscow. CSKA has the depth and experience at this level, knowing how to overcome its problems. The weaknesses that characterize her competitive face at this time have prevented her from building the familiar, strong spiritual profile that characterizes her in recent years.

Dimitris Priftis' belt will be a big bet for the "clover" as with it as a means, he will try to reduce the pace of the match and sow doubt in the minds of the hosts. If the Greek team stays close until the final straight of the match, it will be able to play with good chances its dice for victory. Any relaxation is prohibited. Panathinaikos must come in and play "in the red". This is a prerequisite. Otherwise - as we said - this opponent can land you emphatically in reality.

Under 169.5 points at odds of 1.33 at Stoiximan

Yields are subject to change - Hoopfellas for the Stoiximan Blog




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