Olympiakos-Bayern with Walkup at 3.00 in Super Enhanced Performance

Olympiakos-Bayern with Walkup at 3.00 in Super Enhanced Performance

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Olympiacos against an opponent that is on the rise and can turn out to be extremely dangerous! Analysis and predictions.


It is always difficult to face off after a high intensity game with so much emotion. About 48 hours after the match against Real Madrid, Olympiacos must pick up its pieces and continue. The effort of the red-whites against the "Queen" was great and the result probably disappointed them. In this case, the sad thing is not the defeat by the best team in the competition at the moment, but the way it came.

The red and whites brought (as in the Principality) the match where they wanted after one point. They won a number of one-on-one duels, battled the size and clear quality advantage of the opposition but lacked the extra offensive drive to sprint and get ahead in the final stretch. At the crucial point they proved to be easy to read for such a smart and efficient defense, consequently losing their way to the basket. Their effort was nevertheless commendable. And better days are certainly ahead given the strengthening of the squad with the return of Williams-Goss and the additions of Petrusev and Mitrou-Long.

A set that develops

In Faliro, Bayern Munich are now going downhill, having recently managed, after a long battle, to keep their heads above water. The Bavarians count 4 wins in the last 5 meetings, reaching 6-6. The most important thing for a team that is now developing, is that it achieved this result in battles that were played close and decided in the last possessions. This situation can take off a new group, boosting its self-confidence and pushing it to believe even more in what it is working on and in the vision it has initially set.

The psychological status and spiritual profile of the Bavarians makes them very dangerous for Olympiakos in view of the match against Faliros. In fact, the fact that they survived against Armani two days earlier, in a match that seemed finished (Ibaka gave them the "kiss of life" with an amazing three-pointer, sending the match to extra five minutes) may strengthen their fighting nature. The work of top Pablo Lasso is starting to pay off.

Super Enhanced Performances Thomas Walkup: 6+ Assists 3.00 from 2.40 in Stoiximan

 Bayern have been experiencing a state of offensive dysfunction since the start of the season that has significantly affected their momentum. After Madrid's exemplary flow offense with its excellent spacing, exemplary ball circulation and movement away from it, Coach Lasso undertook to teach something completely different, clearly more practical but also compatible with the material at hand. It is a given that it will take time to assimilate it. With 0.940 points/possession, the German attack is placed No16 in the league.

The Bavarians rely heavily on the individual phase (more than any other team in the league) and invest in isolations on the flank, often working with two players. A key problem for the Bavarians is found in the area of ​​regional execution. Lasso's players rely heavily on the three-pointer (28.9 shots per game) but execute with the lowest percentage in the competition (just 32%) while it is noteworthy that they have an Assist/Mistake ratio of 1.1 (No. 17 in the EuroLeague).

In recent games they have improved their options, filtering their executions a little better. After a lackluster second half of November where he averaged 8.0 points on 3/18 32-pointers in three games, Carsen Edwards shot 5 on 10/4 against Armani. Following Bolmaro's injury in Lyon, the duties of Edwards-Wyler Babb have increased significantly as the two of them form the main operators in Lasso's attack. Bayern's pillar and top player Sergio Ibaka, who in the last 19.5 matches is averaging 9.0 points-8 rebounds and 10/52.6 three-pointers while shooting XNUMX% from behind the line this season. Olympiacos can achieve a very good defensive result if they focus on the Edwards-Ibaka duo and keep the guests' percentages low in the peripheral execution. The Greek defense has all the "tools" to achieve this.

Contrary to the offensive part, the Bavarians are quite effective at the back, presenting quite satisfactory indicators. This is the best rebounding team in the league and a defense characterized by intensity and a high level of energy. The presence of the Bonga-Ibaka duo here is a catalyst.

Nevertheless, there are dark spots in Bayern's defense that Olympiacos can pounce on. These are found in intercepting Pick & Roll-partnerships and actions in the low post. In both cases, the tall Giorgos Bartzokas can be the tip of the spear. Despite the presence of Ibaka-Gillespie (great blockers) the red and whites can mark (though methodically) the heart of the "painter". The Bavarians are also not particularly effective in trying to steer the opponent's operator away from his good spots. Thomas Walkup must be aggressive. Sooner or later, Pablo Lasso is expected to throw Bonga on him.

In conclusion, Olympiacos is called upon to turn the switch and return to winning ways, halting Bayern's upward trajectory. The red and whites can keep the particular opponent down productively if they appear completely focused and effective in the personal duels, especially at the individual level and against the one-on-one game of the Bavarians. The home side's tall line (reinforced with Filip Petrusev who is likely to make his debut in this match) can make the difference.

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