Betting Betting Limits - In which cases do you get and how to avoid them

Betting Betting Limits - In which cases do you get and how to avoid them

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The majority of online bookmakers offer the player several "comforts", such as high-quality services, unique offers and a small rake. Somehow, they create the impression that players are welcome to play on their site and win. But what happens in reality? What are the reasons why the company sets limits on accounts?

The betting companies - like every company in the world - is aimed at gaining, so some categories of players are not very fond of them. They are professional and systematic players, or more simply the winners.

What happens to them?

Based on the rules, each company has the ability to close an account if it realizes that something suspicious is happening to it, or there is a winning approach (Sure bet, Value bet, trading, etc.). However, although it is the easiest solution, companies do not prefer to immediately disable the account of such a player for two main reasons: a) their delay; b) their licensing (there may be objections from the players' side to the SCF).

So, they have created some methods to deal with such players, these are:

  1. minimum to minimum betting limits
  2. Frequent account checks and possible penalties
  3. Delay for withdrawals
  4. Additionally required identification documents

Circumstances for imposing limits

  • Single bets

The reason; Avoid rake multiplication, resulting in companies' profit being much less than expected. It is no coincidence that professional players choose single bets, so this alone is capable of putting your account in the traders' microscope.

  • "Strange" bets on single bets

The reason; The frequent repetition of "odd" bets puts you in the company's eye because the above tactical bet is considered suspicious and shows arbitrage, even if it is not. The term Arbitrage comes from the economics and is the practice of exploiting a price difference between two markets. It is an investment opportunity that brings profit without risk. In the case of online sports betting, "prices" are the odds and the markets are the two most bookmakers competitors.

  • System bets

The reason; Companies do not like gamblers betting systems with Martingale, Kelly Criterion betting odds, etc. The software of the company "recognizes" your bets, especially if they are consecutive and have decimal figures. Your account is then placed under surveillance and the traders section looks at your profile. If you are a "professional", you will automatically see your limits diminishing dramatically.

  • Success rate-earnings ratio

The reason; It's simple. If you belong to the category of those you earn in single accepted games, your companies put limits on why they consider you a good player and therefore "unprofitable" for them.

  • Bet on wrong odds (software errors)

The reason; Incorrect returns usually appear in arbitrage programs.

  • Withdrawal of profits

If you win often, it is advisable not to immediately withdraw. Or at least do not withdraw the entire amount from your account. Leave in the amount of 25% -30%, otherwise your betting list automatically puts you in the "black" list as it sees you are likely not to return your winnings back. It is preferable, therefore, to make withdrawals even if you are not playing to avoid the limits of the book.

  • Country of origin

Companies categorize each country. For example, Eastern European countries or Latin America have more "suspicious" accounts (players hunting bonuses, bonus hunters, etc.) from the countries of Western Europe. Automatically the accounts will have lower limits.

  • Exchange rate liquidity

Many companies set limits based on the turnover (liquidity) of bureaus

  • Insistence on a bet, especially in unpopular markets / games

You often see a point and try to bet a fair amount. Once you choose to place a bet you see that the limits are lower and your request is sent to the trader who will accept or not the bet. If your request is rejected and you insist on trying automatically you become a target.

Tips with which you will avoid speeding limits

  1. Your bet amounts must be in full, no decimal figures.
  2. After a winning streak, it is a good idea to lose some bets on the book to get the account from the "microscope". You can place a bet that you think will lose to the winning company and cover it either in the exchange or in another company.
  3. Avoid any kind of systems (doubling, Kelly Criterion, etc.).
  4. You prefer electronic wallets where there are no charges on withdrawals, both your own and, most importantly, those of companies.
  5. Do not withdraw the entire amount after a winning streak (leave at least 25% -30% of the amount). 


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