Unics-Olympiacos with MatchCombo at 2.17

Unics-Olympiacos with MatchCombo at 2.17

from / PRESS RELEASES / Friday 03 December 2021 11: 02

Olympiakos faces the most formed team of the tournament and the peculiarities of the playing style that governs the philosophy of Velimir Perasovic!

The Croatian coach does it again. After the ultrasonic Basconia of 2016, he creates in Kazan -almost out of nowhere- an ensemble that wins the impressions and now carries the aura of a strong outsider. Unics started the season badly, lived a Waterloo in the City eating 40 from Fener (in a match that scored just 41 points), but gradually built its game and momentum reaching its current status.

That crash in Istanbul proved to be beneficial. Unics let frustration overwhelm her and eventually turned her switch, returning vigorously. From the end of October until today, the Russians count 9 wins and only one defeat in the participating competitions (6-1 in the Euroleague while they also beat CSKA for VTB). We are talking about perhaps the most formed team in Europe today.


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Coach Perasovic's timeless style of playing basketball (dynamic basketball as we call it in Hoopfellas) is here again. Unics has an excellent defense, very good runs on both sides of the floor and an elite ability in the personal phase game. All this is garnished with the context of the high rhythm and intensity (school of Yugoplastika gar) that the Croatian coach has been proclaiming all these years.

John Brown's backward dynamics are proverbial. The American forward-center looks like a "broom", eliminating any danger that appears in his line of responsibility. His motor is something new. He defends equally effectively on both lines (basically, in every part of the field) while producing many deflections. Brown is the cornerstone of a great defensive structure. Together with Lorenzo's namesake, they push the ball very effectively and create extra open field holdings for Unics, through the defensive part. This is an element that Olympiacos must pay close attention to.

Note: The red and whites play the lowest mistake basketball so far in the tournament. The 13.5 written in terms of TOV% (percentage evaluation of errors that shows the momentum of each team in them in the long run) is the best performance in the organization. Kazan's game and the pressure that Unics will exert are a big challenge. Apart from John (2.7 steals) and Lorenzo Brown (1.8), Canaan is pushing the ball very effectively and Jackie-Bradley is also producing several deflections. The opponents of the Russian team show the greatest momentum in error (17.6) so far in the Euroleague. I think we do not need to say anything else…

Olympiacos should be ready to defend in personal phase situations but also in the transition. Unics generates 1.0 point per possession through isolation, a performance that places it at No. 6 in the tournament. Mario Hezonia (13.8 points) is one of the main exponents of this type of attack. His ability in vertical play and finishing within the "painter" is well known. Costas Papanikolaou should give a very good defensive night to his team. Also, Lorenzo Brown is going through a form period being one of the pillars of his team in executive and creative level (18 final passes in the last two matches in EL).

The Russians are quite effective in off-screen executions as well (No. 4 in EL with 1.18 points per possession). Wookup, who is very good in this type of defense, will probably have to chase Canaan at some point (alternatively Larentzakis). At the same time, the Lorenzo Brown-Hezonia-Canaan trio produces in various ways in the open field. It is understood that the Greek team must stay away from the wrong transfers but also be able to control the pace of the match through its executions in the attack (eg playing with Fal near the basket).


MatchCombo with John Brown 8+ points and Over 142.5 total points at odds of 2.17


It is a given that the match in Kazan will be difficult for Olympiakos. The Greek team is facing a very well-formed team and will have to impose its rhythm from the beginning. In this Unics, you should not leave room for her to play and feel comfortable. It has some very strong two to three minutes in which it looks leveling. Olympiacos has the experience and the tools to keep the hosts relatively low in the productive part. But he must - in order to succeed - unleash their energy. It is clearly a battle of mistakes and energy.

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