Who will the trophy go to Madrid? Who will the trophy go to Madrid?

FINAL CHAMPIONS LINK 24 / 5: BBC vs. Ole, ole, ole, Cholo Simeone

from Spaniolos / CHAMPIONS LEAGUE / Saturday, 24 May 2014 00: 22

Everything ready for the biggest Madrid Bullfight ever! The venue will be in their neighborhood, in Portugal and specifically in Lisbon (let's not forget ... the capital of Greece in 2004). B (enzyme) B (ail) C (ristiano) against the man who has become a slogan on all the lips of his friends Atletico, Ole ole ole ... Cholo Simeone !!!


Perhaps some will have to think about who is ultimately the best championship, as long as they think that the Spaniards have managed to have three teams in the two big finals this year. Spanish case today with the delightful fact that both Diego Costa and Arnda Turan on the Atletico side will be present. It is a shame that will be absent from the fined Chambi Alonso (perhaps Iyraementi will take his place), with the voices to change this stupid regulation to grow.

Karim Benzema suffers from a muscular problem but everything seems to give him this. This is what Bail and Kedira have both had problems with while Hase is injured. Statements about the fight infinite and statistically also infinite that it makes no sense to mention.
Goals can go either way at any time but we must not forget the strong element of Atletico this year, which is defense, which is not an asset of Real. Do not forget that this year Atletico in the Champions League is the only one without a defeat. I think that the fight will be judged, namely how Atletico's defense will behave and whether it will be possible to hold the so-called BBC (Benzema, Bale, Christian).
I think there will be few goals, that both teams will score and that we will see an extension.

PROPOSAL: G/G, UNDER, X with score 1–1


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