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PLZEEN: She continues to be in the hunt for Sparta Prague, after her 2-0 prevails on Prribram and is at -5 from the top. 7 last has two defeats from Bayern and the City. End time for technician Pavel Vrbas, who won 2 championships and 1 Cup with Victoria and from 15 December officially takes over his duties as a federal coach. There are no problems for the Czechs. 
CSKA: He reached the three consecutive games in which he ignores the victory. Her last defeat at Krasnodar by Kuban with defeat 0-1, plunging into fifth place. Even her draw is enough for the Czech Republic to come third and continue in the Europa League. The average Jagoev (8 co.) Is back. Normally the precious midfielder Honda (18 / 1), who will give his last game with the colors of the Russian team (goes to Milan in January). White the abscissa.



GALATASARA: Despite the heavy defeat in Madrid, the Turks have managed to keep their hopes for qualification. It is enough to win in their "hot" headquarters the unstable games in the away games of the Italian team. Racing news and form go to second place, 90 minutes are, they will give it all and hope.
JUVENTUS: As he did, he played qualifying at one of Europe's most "hot" seats. Of course, it has the advantage of making two results, since the draw ends second, regardless of what is going to happen in the Copenhagen match, but that does not guarantee it. But psychology is good after the weekend results in the championship and will not be closed by waiting for the Turks but will come out aggressively by hitting the match



COPENHAGEN: He did not make it to Torino and he was defeated by Juventus with 3-1, taking the first two goals in the penalty shoot-out and having scored in midfield with Oloff Melberg in 53 '. As a result, he lost all hope of qualifying in the Champions League, but he has hopes of going to third in the Europa League 32. Something that is definitely a victory, while a draw wants to lose Galatasaray from Juventus.
REAL M..: The Spaniards first and by far did not have any problems throughout the group stage. They managed to secure early qualification and although they did a rotation, they were not particularly threatened. It goes without saying that they are not going to do anything, so any thought of a relaxed fight is utopian.



MANJESTER YOUNG: He made a demonstration of strength in Germany by passing a sneak from Leverkusen's headquarters to 5-0. Moyes's team was unbelievable and had a hard time trying to score. They scored four different players. Thus he was kept at the top of the group. Everton and Newcastle are coming from 2 consecutive defeats in the league, both with 0-1 and a strong concern. The average Feelyans realized. Except average Carick. 



BERGEN: Scares fear and terror in Germany and Europe. In another game he played a high-profile football show, spreading Werner to Bremen with 7-0. In Moscow, 3-1 prevailed in CSKA and loses the first place only by defeating three goals and more. He has not scored in the last three games. Except Arien Robben (12 / 6) until the end of the season. Absentee and Swainstagger (M, 10 / 1) and Bunckumber.
MANSESSER: It has been a problem in another away game for the Premier League, staying at 1-1 with Southampton and its difference remained at + 6 by Arsenal Champion. In the previous European game he had been comfortable with 4-2 in Manchester B. Plzen. Punished Yaya Toure (15 / 7). In addition to defending Klisi (8 co.), Nastasic (9 / 1) and striker Jovanic (3 co.).



BENFIKA: Benfica is confident 3η (Europa), will look for a better result than what Olympiacos will bring to another qualifying match. With his mind in Paris, he stayed at 2-2 with Aruka for the championship, equalizing in the last 10 minutes. We must win, Jorz Zesus said. With 19 players on the mission and important absences on it. In addition to Cardo scorer, the good winger Salvio and the basic Siegeira Backgammon. Outside is the substitute Ruben Amorim.
PARI: Absolutely indifferent, being the first to be sure the Parisians who were in yet another championship match, defeating 5-0 with Soso. He left a number of key out-of-the-way missions, Blaan, who said he was not worried about the Greeks, we go for the victory. Apart from the very Ibrahimovic, the central defensive duo Alex - Silva and the main backdoor FC Van der Ville. The Veratti cutter is punished.


OLYMPIC: Olympiacos with victory is definitely in the next phase. Otherwise he will expect an equal or better result than what Benfica will bring, superior to the tie. He has made a difference in the championship then and from the new win with 2-0 on Star Ter, which was not accompanied by good looks. Two great absences, Maniatis (M, 5 - 1 assist) punished while top scorer Mitroglou with 22 goals this year (3 in the institution). We have to make it, we do not expect gifts, but Mitchell said he did not know if Saviola would play the game.
ANTERLEXT: He fought particularly against Benfica but in the end he was defeated with 2-3 and lost any hope of qualifying. In the championship, defeated the Vaals easily with 2-0 within. We are not going to play to ... we are outspoken, among other things, Fan de Brom, we are professional, we will play for the victory, said leader Proto. The main left-wing defeat was injured and he was out, punished by the base of Buro, a long-time defector of the Suarees. 



SOCIEDAD: In a boxing bag he turned to Ukraine after defeated by heavy 4-0 from Shakhtar's headquarters. So it remains a stalemate without yet winning the group. In the championship, he did not have any debts at the weekend that he spent after he gave a fight for the cup at the Algeciras headquarters, pointing to 1-1. Average midfielder Bargara Marke. Except the average Graner. 
LEVERKUSEN: He fell from second place after the disgusting home defeat from United with 0-5. The Germans were only physically present and seemed helpless to react to the waves of attack by the guests. In the German championship, however, he managed to make it well, having remained in second place after winning at Dortmund's headquarters with 1-0. Doubtful mean midfielder Sam and right back Hilbert.  




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