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As the best team in the world, Bayern is the CSKA technician, Leonid Slowski, so "we must play to the best of our quality." With 8's Dubbi's goal, 1-0 defeated Spartak in the local derby on Saturday, a game that was judged in details. However, the African player (11 / 9) is doubtful about today's confrontation. Surely outside the middle Jagoev (8 co.), Who returned to training Monday. In the previous match of the group, 2-5 was defeated except for the City.
BERGEN: From 27 / 8, when he lost 2-4 from Dortmund for the Super Cap, he has not been disappointed since then. On Saturday, though he was in difficult times in Westphalia, he cleared Dortmund briefly, winning 3-0. "Pyrreus" was the victory, as Madjukic was injured and will be absent from the match of Moscow, as well as the injured Riberi (M, 11 / 4), Pizaro (E, 2 / 1), Swainstagger (M, 10 / 1) Shrike (M, 6 / 1), Condento (A, 2 co.) And Banduchum. Excuse Guardiola for news spill from Bayern's locker room. In the previous match for Europe he had passed 1-0 from Plzen's headquarters.


ANTERLEXT: It has one of the youngest and most inexperienced teams in the CHL, honorable 1-1 in Paris last season, unrealistic hopes for 2nd place, will chase that of the Europa League. The defeat by Charleroi on Saturday was a setback, while it seemed that it was finding a rhythm. Without the key midfielder Klestan, who is punished. Long time out the striker Suarez. Van de Stock's crowded with 26.000 spectators.
BENFIQ: In Portugal, he has a good four-game winning streak, struggled against Braga but won on Saturday and was a stone's throw from Porto. Good performance in Piraeus, created several phases but fell on an excellent Roberto and so was defeated by Olympiacos and now hopes for a miracle for 2nd place. "A lot is at stake in the match against Anderlecht," said Jesέs meaningfully. Apart from the main midfielder Amorim and the "ten" of the team, the Argentine Gaitan, returns the basic no. buck Sigeira.


JUVENTUS: "We have to win if we want to have hopes of continuing in the institution," Anton Conte said in a cynical and self-critical manner about the current match with the Danish champions. Indeed, given that Real Madrid will not lose from Galatasaray, with victory Juventus goes second and then retains its fate in her hand. Except for injured Stefan Lichstainer and Andrea Bartzali, while Mauricius Isla and Jovinko remain unavailable.
COPENHAGEN: "It's a very important game for both teams. I have unlimited respect for Juventus, but I do not have the slightest fear. He is an excellent team, he has good players, jersey and experience, but we have done well and if we did not make the silly mistakes in the Real Madrid match, we would have been much better scorers, "said 45time technician, who will have one and the only problem. In particular, injured Norwegian striker Daniel Broten (4 / 1), who has a problem with his thigh and lost his Sunday match as well.


: He was in second place after 0-0 at the Shakhtar headquarters. Goalkeeper Leno was found on a stunning day and had to do at least six salvo interventions in the first half, as the game was more balanced. In the German championship it was second in the winner's seat at Hertha with 1-0. Bobby Boss and right back Hilbert are doubtful. 
MANSESTER JUN.: He missed the opportunity to "clear" the first, since the only one that managed to get away from the home of Socidad was the "white" draw. Ernadez lost an unprecedented four times, while Fan Persie saw twice the bar to stop his efforts, the second from the penalty spot. In the league he got stuck at 2-2 at Cardiff headquarters. Punished the average Feileans. Except defender Jones and average Carrick. 


Catching space-based performance, 6-0 raced to Tottenham on Sunday, with Aguero and Nova fired, scoring two goals. Pelegrine will bring Joe Hart under the beams. He returned to the training session, but will be left out of command by Commander Kumbani (defender, 4 co.). Except for Jovec (E, 3 co.), Silva (M, 7 / 3) and Rodwell (M, 1 co.). In the last showdown for CL, 5-2 released CSKA M.
PLZEEN: Together with Marseille are the only teams that have not yet managed to score, having received 12 goals. In the championship he defeated 3-1 in Brno and remained in second place in the Czech championship. In very good shape, Formel, who scored two goals on Friday. Last match in the Champions League for technician Pavel Vrbas, who agreed to take over the Czech National Team at the end of the year. No racing problems are reported. He fought at the last against Bayern, losing with honorary 0-1.


PARI: Clearly, the boss of the group. With any victory over Olympiacos, it is the first place. In its championship, it remains at the top with an away win against Evian with 3-0, harder than the final score. Some basic (Lavetzi - Kavani) were resting without any problems. Absolutely pleased with Blair's management, plans to renew his contract with increased earnings, ie XNUMEX. euro per year. With the journalists, the French technician put them at the press conference.
OLYMPIC: Realistically, it is with one and a half ... leg in the next phase of the game, winning the last game is sure 2os, probably only need the draw. Without anxiety he traveled to Paris. We have hopes, we will try to have possession and if we can win, Mitchell is optimistic. With no problems the Piraeus returns the demonstrator Mitroglou with 22 so far in all the games.


REAL M..: He cleaned up with the qualification case since the previous game and will play freely and with a lot of testing of players and systems. Of course, as Carlo Ancelotti says, there's no chance of seeing the game loose. "We are professional and we owe ourselves and our followers a complete gathering."
GALATASARAI: And while he seemed to overturn the rational prognosis and take a lead over Juventus, he made it soaked in Copenhagen, losing with 1-0 and now not only risk losing Juventus qualification, which he faces in the last game in Istanbul , but also in third place if Copenhagen overcame the two remaining games.


: He missed the opportunity to climb to second place as he "stuck" to 0-0 in the home match against Leverkusen. He had the absolute control in the first half and created many opportunities, but found a formidable golfer. The Ukrainian championship remained at the top after the comfortable win over XIVUMX-4. Known defensive defender Tsigriski. 
SOCIEDAD: Took first place in the group, while keeping its home intact for the first time since the 0-0 win against United. She stood decently in the first half, but in the replay she went through difficult moments with the beams saving her twice (once from a penalty). The championship comes from a 4-3 home victory over Thelta. Punished midfielder Bergara Markel. Except for the midfielder Granero and the main right back K. Martinez.

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