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Let's Stake CYPRUS A, Saturday 02 / 03

from / CYPRUS / Saturday, 02 March 2013 10: 03

23 racing with 4 racing. Greater confrontation in the GSP with the molded Omonoia to welcome Apollo.

Nea Salamina - Glory (Stage Famagusta - 17: 00)
Salamina is welcoming the Glory at Famagusta Stadium in Salamis, but it is also used by Glory as its headquarters this year. Essentially in a court familiar to both teams.
Salamina has 20 points and is in 9 position while Glory in 8 with 24, if he misses the Glory, the game will cling to adventures with the other teams that struggle to graduate. Salamina comes from the draw in Paralimni and Glory from draw with Olympiacos.
Glory for me is a better team than Salamina, with a better qualifier than her opponent and with the pressure being on the opposing team.
After winning against Anorthosis, Salamina has failed to keep up with the successes of the League and is looking for as many points as possible until the end of the regular time to get the best play in the playoffs.
Salomina, who leaves near 2,30 with the Dox, is at 3,10. For me the game is more balanced, the Glory can get a result for me. I do not expect open play, Glory knows how to defend.
Estimate: First choice of goal / goal with 1,75 performance but I also like X that will not spoil any team at 3,15.

National Achna - Anorthosis (Axna Forest - 18: 00)
Pioneer Anorthosis in a difficult exit this match against National Achn. Dasaki is traditionally a difficult place, especially now that the National is in a very difficult position.
The Nationalist needs grades, for the first time in recent years he is in such a bad position in the battle for the stay. Achna's team changed 3 coaches, with Nikos Colombard being the fourth trying to find solutions and treads to escape graduation. It comes from defeating Odel with 1-0 away.
Anorthosis is at the top three points with Odell. It comes from a big win with 5-1 on Ayia Napa. Anorthosis must remain serious if it wants to pass through Dasaki.
Ethnikos without absences in the match part while Anorthosis will be deprived of Jorge's services from the center of defense in 2 consecutive games. The newcomer Galamaz is expected to take his place.
I do not think Anorthosis will easily get through the Dasaki, hard to play.
Estimation: I do not see anything remarkable in the game when we pass it.

Omonoia - Apollo (18: 00)
The big game of the game is in the GSP with the two teams opposing the entrance to the four.
Omonoia is in fourth place and scores with Ael at 41 points. Apollo at 6 position with 39 points. With Ael having a very easy job with Paphos in Tsireios, we understand how important the game is. Both teams have easier play than Ael after Ael has played with the top two of the scoring. Anyone who succeeds in winning the game will also be the favorite to enter the quad.
Omonia is in its best phase this year, it is extremely well-formed this time and in the offensive part it is literally on fire. It comes from a 2-4 victory over Alki with a great appearance and great collaborations in the offensive part. The highlight of the match was the third goal which was really an impressive team effort.
Apollon is in a period where he is looking for his good competitive image that we saw in the first round. Some footballers are returning who will give additional solutions to the technical leadership. Apollon's problem in the last matches is the offensive part, Apollon does not have the easy goal and with Apollon trying to put the new players even more in the team's game.
Several fans from both teams are expected to play in the field, after some time Omonoia's friends show enthusiasm for their team that was bitter enough at the beginning of the year.
Apart from Apollonas, the injured Merki and Megiletos, while Omonia may not have any gambling problem for the first time this year.
If we look at the games of the two teams last, Omonoia is the favorite for the game, it is in excellent form in contrast to Apollo that is still looking for. A true favorite in odds with 1,67 is Omonia. The prehistory is with the hosts.

Appraisal: I believe Omonia will take the game but 1,67 is low for me. Two choices like 2,5 overnight at 2,05 and Omnonia -1 European handicap with the extraordinary price of 2,90.

AEL - AE Paphos (TSIREX Stadium - 19: 00)
Ael has an easy task for this game against the last Pafos.
Ael against Paphos definitely wants to return to victory because he is following a difficult schedule with confrontations with Apel and Anorthosis and the battle for the four is at the most crucial point. Paphos with the known problems in another game, does not have to say much for the Paphos team.
Ael believes I will easily get the game and will not leave any room in the Paphos team. 4 suffered it for a while and it was balanced in the last few minutes when I think I will clear the game early.
Several were absent for Ael for punishment, who wanted to get yellow to run the penalty before the derby. Except for Jr, Dende, Bebe, Sa and Maakon for punishment, but also for Parpa and Miguel due to injury. Paphos has no problems with the many problems he faces.
Appreciation: 1,62 is the only point I like about this game.




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