284. BILEFELD - DARMSTANDBarage of ascent and stay. In case Darmstadt prevails with 3-1, we have extra time and a penalty. The image in the first match showed that there is a huge difference between the two teams. Bielefeld has a very clear lead which it will easily or hardly manage to manage. Hardly the…

- Sunday, 18 May 2014 10: 54

GERMANY 18 / 5: Last chance

230. GRUETER FIRT - HAMBURGO The first match ended in a goalless draw. In case the same score is repeated, we have extra time and a penalty. Firt seemed able to secure promotion in the first match, but without being able to take advantage of any opportunities. Racing has except one penalized. Appointment…

400. DORTMUND - BAGERNSingle match, with extra time and penalty. The final finds Dortmund in better shape, as it remains undefeated in the last eight, having conceded just one draw to Leverkusen. She has found her good rhythm, she scores non-stop having at least two goals in each match. Racing beyond…

- Friday, 16 May 2014 09: 38

GERMANY 2 16 / 5: Difficult choice

228. DARMSTAND - BILEFELD Barrage of promotion and stay, in a double match where the away goal is valid. Darmstadt returned to the forefront after many years. Participating in the ascent barrages in itself is a success for the financially troubled Darmstadt. Won the 4th place in the ascending C 'of Germany,…

- Thursday, 15 May 2014 08: 49

GERMANY 15 / 5: Dating to the story.

134. HAMBURG - GRUITTER FIRRThe Hamburg has a date with history today, as it flirts for the first time with relegation. Competitively, he is in the worst moment of the season, as he comes from five consecutive defeats. At home, with the exception of defeats by Bayern and Wolfsburg, it remained undefeated for four games, having…

- Sunday, 11 May 2014 10: 08

GERMANY 2 11 / 5: The lights in Dresden

Predictions for the match bet offered by the OPAP coupon for today, Sunday, May 11 in Germany. 228. GROWTER FIRT - SANDHOUSEN Unilateral interest as reasonably reflected in the odds set. Firth clears the 3rd position with a victory and under certain conditions it could conquer the direct rise.…

- Saturday, 10 May 2014 09: 35

GERMANY 10 / 5: In open listening

Predictions for the match bet offered by the OPAP coupon for today, Saturday, May 10, in Germany. 139. HANNOVER - FREIBURG Different in our score, between two teams that managed in the last games to ensure their stay. An open match is expected, like all matches, the odds in Over…

Predictions for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today, Sunday, May 4, in Germany. 288. AALEN - BERLIN UNION Indifferent scoring matches. Aalen comes from the amazing double in St. Pauli and with a victory overtakes the Union. The latter remains without a win in…

- Saturday, 03 May 2014 10: 19

GERMANY 3 / 5: Hope dies last

Predictions for the match bet offered by the OPAP coupon for today, Saturday, May 3 in Germany. 159. EINDRACHT FRANKF. - Leverkusen Unilateral interest, with Eintracht having secured its stay, as it has a nine point difference from 16th place. Leverkusen has been transformed into…

- Sunday, April 27 2014 00: 00

GERMANY 27 / 4: Survival Race

Predictions for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today, Sunday, April 27, in Germany. 313. AUGSBURG - HAMBURG Augsburg has begun to deflate. Of course she has secured her stay and under certain conditions she could claim a place in the next Europe. Stay match for…

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