Panathinaikos-Olympiakos: Papagiannis & Papanikolaou in Super Enhanced Odds

Panathinaikos-Olympiakos: Papagiannis & Papanikolaou in Super Enhanced Odds

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Analysis and predictions for the second final of the Basket League between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos.

Against all odds, we had a derby in the first final with Olympiakos winning the battle in the details, against a competitive Panathinaikos. Maybe in the end this fight has more to give us in terms of suspense and fluctuations, than what we initially expected.

The Betting of Game 2 has all the answers. Panathinaikos has circled it for some time now. He looks forward to it like nothing else. However, the development of the opening match and its dramatic finale will most likely bring a more mentally prepared Olympiakos to the OAKA floor. One thing is certain. Both "gladiators" need to play better to achieve their goal in the upcoming match.

Dive into realism for Panathinaikos

What looked like an upcoming downhill at the start of the match, turned into a big missed opportunity for Panathinaikos. The greens came back with patience and stubbornness in the fourth period, they took the lead at an important point but they did not manage to properly close the first final putting "fire" in the series. They were even competitive without presenting a better image compared to the matches of the previous phase against Peristeri and this says a lot about the special period the opponent is going through.

Georgios Papagiannis: More Rebounds in the Game at 3.70 from 2.75 at Stoiximan

The greens don't have many weapons and their tactical approach is concrete and highly realistic. They aim to stop the movement of the opponent's ball by focusing on the starting point to speed up this process. At the moment of "advantage". Two-on-two defense in Pick & Roll partnerships and purely one-on-one with no coverage in the low post to take Fal's passing ability out of the equation and create fewer opportunities for his cutters Olympiakou, Under in Walkup and room for regional execution in McKissick. This is probably the only gun-driven path the greens have right now.

Olympiacos does not have in its quiver the "fearless" regional execution of Kanaan and this cost them in the first match since it makes them more hesitant against such defenses. The three-pointer is a very important part of this year's wider – very successful – production process of the Red and Whites, as this specific type of aggressive development requires the maximum of the available spaces.

The other side of the moon says that Panathinaikos, in turn, must make their own shots from the perimeter. Lee had many chances but missed and it cost a lot, despite his good play in terms of creation and decisions (8 final passes for 1 error). Without Thomas and Walters, the "clover" also needs a score from its only point guard. So it is vital for the Greens to have a relatively good night in terms of regional execution.

Christos Serelis hopes that Artouras Gudaitis will be in better shape physically so he can get more balls in the low post. It is a given that the Lithuanian can be a source of danger for the red and whites in the "drawing room" with his low post actions, while saving breaths for the peripherals of the greens and a better balance in the defensive transition where Panathinaikos continues to have a problem.

The duo P. Kalaitzakis-Agravanis brought "good news" to the green game with the energy and combativeness of the two role players changing the relationships on the court. Of course, Panathinaikos desperately needs a good match from Papagiannis, while it is certain that they will once again rely on Marius Grigonis who is in a pretty good season in execution, as long as he has patience and does not extort situations that lead to a stalemate against a "natural" defense with a high IQ.

An important test for this Olympiacos

The first final certified the opinion that this season, the red and whites are competitively far from the team we admired a while ago. The impact of the Euroleague F4 has not left their minds as much as their everyday life pushes them towards spiritual recovery.

Giorgos Bartzokas works practically. He knows that this group is unlikely to start throwing "fires" again until the end of the season. And he doesn't have to do that to achieve his goal. Olympiacos can reach the title by taking advantage of their quality, depth and home base. But he must continue to work and try to improve his image in order to minimize the possibility of him falling down competitively. Danger lurks and this was clearly seen in the first final.

Kostas Papanikolaou: 13+ Points at 4.65 from 3.45 in Stoiximan


The problem that arose with Kostas Sloukas is significant. His participation in the second final is currently doubtful and the red and whites are drawing up an alternative plan in case they line up in the OAKA without their leader and best creator. A player with a special weight in these matches.

Despite this and in contrast to the surrounding atmosphere, the situation that has been created is not bad for Olympiakos. The first match gave the red and whites a good jolt and logic says that their concentration will now be even greater, with the Euroleague finalists mentally working even harder to eliminate any slack. Even without (or with less ready) Slukas, the red and whites have alternative sources of creation in the faces of Walkup, Fal, Larentzakis and McKissick. It's a good chance for the latter two to get a game with the ball in their hands, a situation that might help them warm up early.

Shaquielle McKissic 2+ assists in 3.05 performance at Stoiximan

The red and whites can also rely more on Pick & Roll actions, marking the hosts' tall players, with Boloboi as the spearhead. This is a piece where the green defense is weak. At the same time, Olympiacos will have to manage the defensive tactics of Panathinaikos, which essentially wants to direct the executions in the attack of Piraeus. He needs to be patient and continue to distribute the ball to find the right situation, possibly changing the starting point and using the low post (Fall) as a reference point or some side picks with Vezenkov as a screener.

The second final of the Basket League is theoretically the most interesting match of this year's playoffs. The competitiveness of Panathinaikos in the opening match further strengthens this opinion. The fourth period of Sunday's game may help the "clover" to believe more in itself and its dynamics in the series. He showed that he can and is expected to fight with everything he has in the upcoming matchup.

Despite this, the advantage is still in the ranks of Olympiakos. A good defensive game combined with rebound control might be enough for Giorgos Bartzokas' team. From time to time we have of course seen many such "data" being overturned, especially in the phase of the playoffs and the finals in the European leagues. The truth will be seen on the floor.

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