PAOK-Olympiacos: Beam or goal canceled by VAR? Stoiximan pays as anytime scorer!

PAOK-Olympiacos: Beam or goal canceled by VAR? Stoiximan pays as anytime scorer!

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The Toumba derby comes with many surprises in Stoiximan but also an για innovation for those who choose players to score.

Swinderski shoots… the ball hits the crossbar! El Arabi the head, goal! But the VAR warns and the goal is canceled. Have you chosen the player of PAOK or Olympiakos for anytime scorer in tonight's (13/01, 19:30) Toumba derby? If this happens, you will normally be paid by Stoiximan!

Yes, in PAOK-Olympiacos if there is a beam or goal that will be canceled by VAR, then the Stoiximan will normally pay as anytime scorers * those who have selected players who will either mark the crossbar or see technology cancel their goal.

This applies to any player you have chosen to score in the match and not only to Swinderski or El Arabi mentioned in the ... example. If the player you chose to score has an unfortunate appointment (goalpost or canceled goal by VAR), then you will normally be paid Stoiximan as if he had scored!


See here all the options for the scorers at PAOK-Olympiacos


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  • Apart from the surprise with the scorers, PAOK & Olympiakos play in Stoiximan with...
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* Terms & conditions apply. It concerns bets that will be placed before the start of the PAOK-Olympiacos match.
** Terms & Conditions apply.
*** Only applies to the "Match Winner" option before the start of the match. Available in selected matches.
**** Terms & Conditions apply. It concerns the total amount of prizes of the tournament.




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