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Italy Perugia - Empoli

Posted Monday, 24 February 2020 14: 03
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In the shadow of the Coronavio or Coronavio that has overshadowed our neighboring Italy, Perugia hosts Eboli at the close of the 25th race. The city of Perugia is located in central Italy where the virus has not yet appeared and the race will be normal.

Perugia's two consecutive defeats from Spetsia in and Frosinone apart in combination with Empoli's awakening and 3-on-3 find the teams equal to 33b and an eight-point victory.

The second set of defeats, accompanied by a mild-to-bad showing, sparked anger at Serce Cosmi, who blamed the players on his statements and made the climate in Perugia's locker room worse than it should be if we were to think that those two defeats came from them. most formatted teams in the class right now.

Quite the opposite, the climate at the beginning of the championship seemed like the first favorite for direct promotion and had to go through 20 races to prove it deserved that title. Now, what he is looking for is a position in the barrels and has the material to manage and overtake teams like Virtos Endella and Pordenone. It will be a very important step if it comes tonight from Renato Quri where he has a good tradition and generally has the upper hand in each other's fights.

For that to happen, that is to win again on this stadium, it needs to become more efficient in its defensive operation where despite three wins it has not managed to hold back and has not managed to win in the last 18 games. It is a real achievement and against Perugia's first scorer in the category it will look like a challenge. Of course on the other hand, the home team has been silent and has lost the ability to score. The nearly two goals that have been achieved by December are no longer there. He only managed it at Juve Stambia's header but scored twice from the penalty spot.

Cosmi's form, tradition and accusations towards his players who afterwards may want to eat him tilt the balance towards the guest. But Serge Cosmos is an old caravan and has lived through many such situations so we should not prejudge how his team will react. Eboli out of three wins in no way deserved to win at Chitantela and in the last one with Pisa managed to overturn at 96. The double from 3.30 until I write the text fell below the three points but anyway I had decided to opt for a double in a draw no bet that doubled our stake based on Eboli's modem and productivity.

Event: Perugia - Empoli
Sport: Soccer
Competition: Italy
Date: Monday, February 24 2020 22: 00
Tip: 2 DNB
Units: 3/10
Odds: 1.99
Result: 0:1
Profit: + 2,97 (Won)
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Profit Draws. Hamm. Profit Yield
2020 17 1 16 +37.74 + 37%
All Time 97 4 190 -16.9 -1.63%

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Kind Total Home Away
Wins 10 5 5
Drawings 14 7 7
Defeats 6 2 4
Goal Pro 40 17 23
Goal against 29 12 17
Clean hearth 11 6 5
M.O. goals for
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1.33 1.21 1.44
M.O. goals against
(per game)
0.97 0.86 1.06
M.O. first goal in favor 44m 48m 41m
M.O. first goal against 44m 52m 38m
No scoring 7 4 3
Kind Total Home Away
Wins 5 4 1
Drawings 7 3 4
Defeats 16 7 9
Goal Pro 15 9 6
Goal against 43 20 23
Clean hearth 10 5 5
M.O. goals for
(per game)
0.54 0.64 0.43
M.O. goals against
(per game)
1.54 1.43 1.64
M.O. first goal in favor 43m 46m 34m
M.O. first goal against 37m 40m 33m
No scoring 18 7 11
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