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  • Oct 2021
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England Peterborough United-Bristol City

Saturday 02 October 2021 13: 40


An interesting match for the eleventh day of the English Championship in London Road, Peterborough. The home newcomer this year in the category was one of the book favorites second for relegation and would have been first if it were not for the tragic finances of Derby and the deductions of points that bring them. There is faith in her camp that with hard work they will achieve the goal of staying. Her roster has quality midfielders with players such as Clark Harris, Dembele, Smodis, Granda to stand out in the entirety of Darren Ferguson (son of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson) but defensively it hurts something that can be seen in its performance as it has the worst defense. . At the moment, it relies exclusively on its headquarters, having taken all its points there, with the two victories, however, being against the problematic Derby and finding Birmingham in its worst situation this year. In her last match on Tuesday, she welcomed one of the champions Bournemouth and playing only a tambourine she managed to get a heroic point with the xgoals of the match talking on their own 0.2-1.6 ...

Bristol City were out of action early last year and a poor run forced them to make a change on the bench by giving the keys to Nigel Pearson (he laid the groundwork for Leicester before Ranieri took over and led them to their historic league) in order to save the situation. She made the necessary additions and subtractions in the summer transfer without any particular losses, the forecasts placed her just below the middle of the score and the first samples this year are encouraging. At 3-4-3 her record with her positive streak of five unbeaten being broken in the middle of the week in Den Millwall with a marginal 1-0. The away games suit her where she counts three doubles in five attempts in the demanding seats of Cardiff, KPR and Reading, while she also won 1-1 from the strong Fulham.

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Event: Peterborough United-Bristol City
Sport: result
Category: England Championship
Date: Saturday 02 October 2021 17: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 2/10
Odds: 3.00
Bookmaker: 21+ | EEEP Regulator KETHEA helpline: 210 9237777 | Play Responsibly
Result: 2-3
Profit: 4 (Won)
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Peterborough United
Kind Total Home Away
Wins 6 3 3
Drawings 5 3 2
Defeats 5 2 3
Goal Pro 26 16 10
Goal against 19 9 10
Clean hearth 2 1 1
M.O. goals for
(per game)
1.62 2.00 1.25
M.O. goals against
(per game)
1.19 1.12 1.25
M.O. first goal in favor 33cm 21cm 44cm
M.O. first goal against 33cm 29cm 37cm
No scoring 4 2 2
Bristol City
Kind Total Home Away
Wins 9 7 2
Drawings 5 2 3
Defeats 17 6 11
Goal Pro 42 20 22
Goal against 46 18 28
Clean hearth 5 4 1
M.O. goals for
(per game)
1.35 1.33 1.38
M.O. goals against
(per game)
1.48 1.20 1.75
M.O. first goal in favor 56cm 63cm 50cm
M.O. first goal against 38cm 36cm 40cm
No scoring 7 3 4
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