What are the top 3 bets worth having an account

What are the top 3 bets worth having an account

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To Infobeto we present to you the best legal betting operating in Greece. As of 2011, based on POL1248 / 13.12.2011 and the 12th paragraph of law 4002/2011, there are twenty-four (24) betting companies with a temporary license. From the middle of 2021, the market was finally regulated with the completion of the process of permanent licenses in betting.

Increasing competition between bettors will logically bring good results to gamblers, who benefit from the various offers (Terms and conditions apply) that the betting companies launch from time to time and you can see them and choose the ones you like in their websites.

That is why in previous articles we have stressed the need for more and more betting sites on the market, so that the gambler can make the best choice (in terms of odds) per league or even per game among a wide range.


What are the criteria for choosing a bet?


  • Safety
  • Rake
  • Betting options
  • Betting terms and conditions
  • How to deposit and withdraw profits
  • Betting Limit and Profit Limit on Bets
  • Deductions and taxes


What do you think are the best betting sites?


The infobeto.com is considered the first site with betting predictions that is active and actively participates in the evolution of the gambling space in Greece.

It is also the oldest betting site, since 2001, which remains on the ramparts and has the experience, knowledge and ethics to be at the forefront of events to protect the gamblers and the market itself.

So, after many years of research we came to the conclusion that the best bets that operate legally in Greece and it is worth registering some of them (with their pros and cons per case) are the following:



The 3 bets above are the ones that the majority of players are covered for all the ways of playing, for the odds, he feels safe for his transactions and for the robustness of the companies, for the communication with them, for the options that he has during his game and for the many options in betting and live casino games. All of this arises from personal experiences, from discussions and topics that have been opened at our forum and show in which bets the players face problems, how the players themselves are treated by them, which players prefer, which ones are covered, etc.

Just because we recommend top3 does not mean that there are no other bets worth playing. Of course there are, such as:



and we look forward to seeing and evaluating them new betting companies which are expected to enter the Greek area in the recent future.


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