Complaint for dispute between players and betting companies Complaint for dispute between players and betting companies Complaint for dispute between players and betting companies

Where and how do I report a betting company?

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Starting with the adventure of betting and gaming in general, it is good to read and get to know the basics before signing up for a legal betting page in GREECE.

Infobeto has compiled a guide with prerequisites and criteria before you do registration on a betting page and enter the world of gaming and it should be read by everyone.

Those of you who are betting may have encountered some issues or you will have certainly read enough infobeto forum problems regarding player betting pages. If you are one of those who believe that a betting site violates the rules you have agreed to play betting or casino games on its platform, we have made a suggestion on how to move:


Know what we agreed upon when registering


First of all you should refer to "Terms of use and conditions" of the site you registered for. Carefully read anything relevant to your case.


We keep all communication


Then contact the customer support department of the website you are writing about and there is a problem. We suggest you to communicate only through e-mail so that whatever is said on both sides is recorded, formal and unambiguous in any further process.

Avoid communicating on serious topics by chat or by phone. By these means, communicate only for simple issues and not for matters that you are going to claim.

By email the process is slower and so be armed with the necessary patience.

If your issue is resolved, (either positively or negatively) with reasoned answers then the process is over and if you would like to post the issue in our forum to transfer knowledge to other players who may be facing the same issue.

If your issue is not resolved and you feel that the answers you received were not reasoned, then you can file a complaint to the relevant licensing authority of the betting site.


Informing and reporting


Initially email the betting site that after resolving your problem you will file a complaint with the licensing authority and any mediator for player-company disputes and the EEEP (Game and Supervisory Committee) will be aware of all of this. in GREECE).   

Then contact the relevant authorities either by email or by filling in the corresponding authority's complaint form. For companies licensed in Greece are the following:

MGA - Malta

Tel: + 356 2546 9000

Isle of Man - United Kingdom


IBAS - Britain


Gambling Commission - Britain


eCOGRA - Britain


IBAS - Britain


Gambling Commission - Britain



Whatever you do, let them know EEEP (Game Control and Supervision Committee) which is the independent administrative authority responsible for the supervision and control of the games being played in the Greek Territory.


17 Acharnon Street, Athens 104 38,

Tel: + 30 211 1075000

Hours: 9: 00–16: 00

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript enabled to view it.



Finally, if it doesn't bother you, you can share your experience (in a decent and profane way) with other betting and casino players at betting forum of infobeto. Knowledge always helps more when sharing.



Aris Triantafyllopoulos

Aris Triantafyllopoulos

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