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Champions League group premiere with two at 3,27 (+ long)

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So the time has come to whip up the start of her clubs top cross-country competition.

Coming up with the ... stars we will go all the way to the end of May, where we hope the best is to lift the mug. Many suitors, two for the final, one for the podium.

Who will lift this year's mug?

At Betshop you will find guaranteed odds of winning the Champions League.

Are you in the category of those who prefer the favorites?

Betshop offers Manchester City trophy conquest on 4,40. One of the best prices in the betting market.

Do you like surprises?

Η Tottenham which arrived last year ... a breath of conquest (finalist) is offered on 27.00. THE Dortmund who is the second favorite (behind Bayern) to win the German Championship, pays 36 times our bet.

Is it believed in football miracles?

Are you one of those who backs up your team to the end? The only Greek team to play in the Champions League is known to be Olympiacos, whose conquest will, if it happens, be a football miracle. Like Leicester in England a few years ago. Betshop offers 500.00 the trophy conquest by the Reds.

Current (17 / 09) betting odds

Lyon - Zenith: Score from both sides and confirm 1.77

Lyon is making a new effort this year, with a coach who is a fan of offensive football. It is very likely that we will see "full" games this year by the French, who are currently the most productive attack in the French league (12 goals in 5 matches).

Zenith possesses powerful offensive weapons (Azmun-Driusi-Jiuba) and can pose a threat. Goal / goal is located at 1.77 in Interwetten and it is an option, while we seriously considered the home side, with "double" (5,00 in Betshop) high enough for the data (Zenith in recent years is well on its way to creating a competitive team).

Chelsea - Valencia: At 1.85 I buy the ace

Chelsea are coming off a spectacular 2-5 win at Wolves headquarters and want a crazy victory in front of their fans, with Valencia buttering on their bread, as the "Bats" are not enjoying their best days.

The Barcelona crash was painful, but it was to be expected, as after the sudden dismissal (at the owner's initiative) of Martellino (he was particularly dear) it created a negative mood and disorder.

The ace in 1,85 is not an opportunity, but with the data available, it can be an option.

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