Premiers with goals !!!

Premiers with goals !!!

from / BETTING ADVICE / Sunday, July 14 2019 07: 34

Continuing on the same loose pattern, as the season, two and our current choices require, coming from the premieres of the championships in Denmark and the Czech Republic respectively:


It is a well-known fact that the premieres in every league always hide difficulties and any approach requires much attention because we do not have one of the basic "weapons" on the other hand, any image we have of each team in friendly preparation can it seems to be misleading.

In any case, we will ... dare such an approach to this game by looking at the possibility of confirming the many goals without the winner being interested, if ultimately. With every reservation, we keep the many defensive shortcomings that both made during the preparation, having in mind their past habits, both of them offering a great show, confirming the many goals in a large percentage of their games. Horsens, for example, at the regular time of the previous season confirmed the 16 overton from 26 games, and if we focus on home performance, it did 9 from 13, with 3,3 average per game. Northendt was also played here on its own side, while 3-3, 2-2 and 2-2 finished with the last three of them with home team Horsens.

In 1,80, the simple 2,5 overlay in goalbet, in 2,10 the goal / goal & over combination for anyone who wants to take extra risk for higher returns.


Another game premiere, this time for the first Czech category, where our search is about the many goals.

For the most part, what we have said about the game above, where we can simply add the impressive recent two-team prehistory with both scoring and frequent confirmation of the many goals and Bundajovic's appeal to them over the past season. Last year's second-class champion confirmed 10 on 15's 17 home games, while Obava had the overs in her DNA, with 30 on her XNUMX games confirming it. As far as the aggressive piece is concerned, they both showed quite "warm" during the preparation, so we think it is quite possible that they both contribute to the scoring to finally confirm the overs, which the stoiximan offers to 1,97.

Good Sunday to everyone and all !!!

Briefly our choices:

Horsens - Norwich Overs 2,5 Goals @ 1,80 (goalbet)
Bundesliga - Obava 2,5 goals @ 1,97 (stoiximan)




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