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CHL R.Sociedad - Leverkusen

Tuesday, December 10 2013 19: 48


Category: Soccer - CHL Champions League
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Under normal circumstances, 2 values ​​are completely wrong, and 2 should be running at about 2,2-2,4.

But here we are not talking about a match under normal circumstances, but on the contrary they are very special.

Sociedad pays the club its very bad start this season but also its great misfortune to play its important games early, and it has been particularly unfortunate. And in the match with Shaktar inside and on it with Leverkusen out, he did not deserve defeat in 2 and so he stayed in the final position definitively and today's match is clearly ungrateful for the Spaniards.

Anyway, if we get the statistics we are talking about a team with only 1 draw on the group and goal 1-9 !!! Of course, the only thing to be sure is that it does not have to make the team level in something with the picture of the table and this is shown by 5 / 7's last victories in the Spanish championship and 6's position.

On the other hand, Leverkusen is at exactly the opposite. A very qualitative team that although we are definitely debating, this is not reflected in its results and it is a train from victory to victory culminating in the away game at Dortmund which kept it at 2 with a difference from 3.

CL is very close to going after looking for the victory today and not winning Shaktar in Manchester, which is not very difficult. And do not look at the fact that Man.Utd has passed. If it misses today, it has huge chances of being blocked in the next round, since the top teams will definitely be 7 supercars that are currently better off. So I think Man.utd will easily or hardly get 1X, so Leverkusen is playing today.

So to pass, she only wants a win and I was ready to bet it from yesterday, but I thought it best to lose 0,1 to see the racing news.

And this is good, as Leverkusen will play with 2-3 known absences of the last matches, while Sociedad will have at least 4 basic with most being in the defense (goalkeeper, 1, 1, 1 def , 1 wings).

With the above data, I am willing to buy a performance, although it is worthless, but I rely on the German team's need for 3potion, as well as the potential indifference of the hosts combined with the few absences of the Spaniards and the particular effectiveness of Leverkusen it gets results even when it does not play well.

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