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CHL Schalke - Basel

Wednesday, December 11 2013 16: 52


Category: Soccer - CHL Champions League
Tip: X2
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Units: 2/10
Odds: 2,2
Result: 2–0
Profit: -2 (Lost)

Let's go to 1 today's bet and here everything is judged in the match.

Schalke only passes a victory while Basel with X2. In 1 between them, Schalke left the 0-1 winner in an unfortunate result. Since then, 2 teams have inversed a similar move, with Schalke having 6 points in its first 2 match and reaching 7 points while Basel has 3 and reaches 8. Schalke, after winning home in Steaua and away from Basel, lost 2 times easily from the Chelsea champion with 3-0 and then led X to Bucharest, while Basel in the group won 2 times Chelsea with 1 -2 and 1-0 respectively and brought 2 draws with 1-1 with Steaua.

If someone sees the score clearly they will see that we are talking about a derby and so 1,7's aces are for laughs, but books abound the name and therefore that performance. A name that has not been proven to be worth this year, since it is already out of Germany's title and in 6's position, and in the difficult games almost never won. Also, one has to remember X with PAOK, although it has changed a lot since then.

But before I go to today, I want to conclude my conclusions about the 2 teams in the group.

Schalke is here to be pure due to luck. He made a normal victory over Steaua, but from then on he is entitled to nothing. In the match with Basel, 0-1 is completely fictitious, with Chelsea being down with trousers down, and little in Bucharest. Basel, on the other hand, is wronged by 8 points and should have already finished the qualification, since with 2 wins on Chelsea as much luck as they want, 2 points to the rest is really out of the box. In Bucharest he played a game, it was ahead and it should have ended, but the ball when you put it on you does not punish you and 89 became 1-1. The same with Schalke and her unique bad match in the group brought 1-1 in with Steaua.

But I keep last year on Europa, and the conclusion is that the team when outsiders are playing their game style with counter-attacks is lethal and so I judge 2 prices unrealistic. It has brought almost all of its matches to the goal (1-1,1-0), but today I expect to see many goals and phases.

And this is not the change of tactics by the Swiss but Schalke's style of play, seeing this year in too many matches, I have found that it has huge defensive gaps. Gaps that almost all groups exploit and punish.
So it's no coincidence that this year in 7 in the home league game (4-1-2) has received 4 first goal from them and then hunts to turn them. And if the small ones manage it, with serious regular teams, this is impossible and it is mocked.

Absentees currently do not exist except 1-2 for Basel (not important), and several long-term for Schalke who has now learned to live without them.

An important element is the many cards that Schalke accepts as it is one of the toughest teams in Germany and when the matches are not going well then the possibility of red is very likely.

With all this I really do not know what is right to play. If I drop X2 (2,2), then I will be sad when I see an 2 that is far more likely than X and gives 5 +. If I play 2 once again and X come, I find it a pity not to win this match, since everything looks right. So I find the best 0,25 solution for 2 or 2 XBUMX and 2 2, so my bets will be 2.

All I hope is not to see a quick goal from Schalke and then get the data backwards.

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